Rapper CityStylez The City is Mine

The City is Mine
Rapper, CityStylez is on the rise to be St. Louis’ next biggest star and he wants to take the city to the top with him.

Hip Hop artist, CityStylez seems to be everywhere lately.  He is quickly making a name for himself on a national level. Stylez is determined to help get his beloved city of St. Louis out of the music slump that it’s been in for the last few years.  Stylez is sitting outside drinking a bottle of water while making notes of his goals for the week as we talk.  He runs his own store in north county specializing in phones and accessories.  He keeps looking at the sky and shaking his head.  It’s a warm day in St. Louis but despite this, clouds seem to be slowly approaching.  City says “that’s how it always goes for St. Louis” as he looks at the sky. Just as the sun seems to be ready to shine, its rays are overshadowed by dark cumulus clouds. Ironically he concludes the weather to be a metaphor of his life and the music business in St. Louis.  “Just when the sun is supposed to shine here comes the rain”, he laments.
“I’ve never really understood what the issue is here.  I’ve been rapping for a long time and I’m surrounded by so many talented people.  Everywhere you go in this city, you’re going to come across a group of gifted musicians, artists and actors.  Creativity is in the water here.  We’re supposed to be what New York, Atlanta and L.A are.  We were supposed to have crossed over but somehow we got stuck on the other side of the shore.  I still believe that God has some sort of covenant with us here.  Like I don’t believe I was given a gift to just go to waste and I don’t think that all these people here can just be talented without really getting their moment to shine all over the world.”
Stylez explains that the lack of a real music and entertainment infrastructure is what has kept St. Louis at a standstill.  Sure the city is responsible for one of the biggest stars in the business but the magnitude of Nelly’s success is hard to duplicate for anyone in any city but Nelly’s accomplishments made music dreams more of a reality for people like Stylez. 
“When you see other people accomplish their dreams it does make you grind harder and want it more.  I do think that this drives a lot people here but we don’t have the set up that other places have and we don’t seem to be as together/united as other people but I’m not letting this stop me.  I’m not sitting around looking for a label deal- instead I created my own label.  I’m not sitting back waiting for someone to discover me—I just work and keep up my grind.  I have my own business, “Citytalk” mobile and I want to be successful so I can help my community and family.  My mother has done so much for me, I want her to be proud of her son.  When I make it I want everyone to feel like they’ve made it.  I’m going to open doors for St. Louis.  It’s like American Idol here…lots of talent--- and Lots of people waiting for their chance.”
CitySylez’ current song “err whurr” is currently attracting a lot of national attention and buzz.  Stylez was recently featured in Hip Hop DX alongside his favorite artists, Nas and Outkast.   Stylez was excited and motivated by the fact that a publication like Hip Hop DX featured him.  Despite this, the hip hop star on the rise says it’s only the beginning.  “The best is yet to come,” he said.  As far as who he would like to connect with, Stylez says that he would love to work with Master P if given the chance. P is so talented and such a business man.  If I could really connect with anyone it would be him.  I would take P around the city and show him that St. Louis is a diamond in the rough.  It really is.” –abesi manyando
Photo by Art Smith.  Styling by Silas the Stylist.
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