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Gabrielle Dennis Starring role in the film “Black Coffee”
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

Talented, intelligent and beautiful are only a few words to describe the charismatic and enthused actress Gabrielle Dennis when it comes to her caring out her love and passion for the art of acting and writing. Over the years Dennis has played in numerous of films such as He's Mine Not Yours, Bring It On: Fight To The Finish, and Politics Of Love as well as played recurring roles in television series such as The Game and Blue Mountain State.

I was able to speak to Gabrielle Dennis about her recent role in the new film Black Coffee a film written and produced by Mark Harris, released by Image Entertainment that’s now available on DVD and digital download. In the film Dennis plays alongside amazing talents such as Lamman Rucker, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Christian Keyes and Erica Hubbard. Here is what the sensational actress had to share about her new role in Black Coffee, as well as sharing encouraging words of wisdom for women and aspiring actress in hopes of uplifting and empowering them.

Aaron Robinson: Tell us a little about your role in the new film Black Coffee.
Gabrielle Dennis: I play Morgan who is a lawyer who’s starting her own law firm. It was very fun to play the educated woman ‘doing her own thing’. She’s very smart; she plays a very supportive role not only in the relationship that she’s having with Robert played by Darrin Henson, but also she has a very supportive role in her former marriage with her former husband Lamman Rucker, who plays the character Hill. She has her ducts in order and she is really just trying to follow her purpose, her journey and her dream.

Aaron: What makes this role different from any role that you have ever played in your career?
Gabrielle: Well, she’s definitely a lot mature and different from a lot of characters I played in the past…very highly educated. It was a great opportunity in itself to get that opportunity to play someone like that. I know people like that but barely get to play that character. Not to go down that road, but a lot of times there are the stereotypical ones that we continuously see on television.

Aaron: What was it like to work with such a talented cast?
Gabrielle: You know what; it’s always fun to have been able to work with people you have worked with in the past. [Especially], any time you get to be on the set, doing what you’re about to do, and learning from people in front or behind the camera. I’m an observer so I watch how people are. That’s just one of the businesses in the business - learning things differently or better. Anytime that you get to be around like-minded individuals and you get to work together, the energy is very exciting! It’s that whole crèche of feeling like family.

Aaron: You have played in many films that has a lot to do with relationships. For women who are struggling with relationship issues, what advice would you share with them in hopes that they will keep their relationship healthy?
Gabrielle: I think that with any relationship, not that I’m an expert. (Laugh) Before you can work on a couple, apparently of two people, you have to work with self first. You have to feel like you are at a place when you are ready to share yourself in a relationship, because a relationship takes time and your energy. A lot of times, specifically younger women take a away a lot of that time and energy and they should be focusing on all the elements that make them who they are; by working on self, working on finding their goals of being successful in those things at work. Whether it be entrepreneurship or whatever it is that helps you define who you are as an individual before you start relying, expecting and demanding things from an outside source. Until you are ready to be complete or feel happy by yourself, you shouldn’t be in a relationship because you are seeking out things that you feel are going to make you whole. You should love yourself first before you want somebody else to love you.

Aaron: As a successful actress, what advice would you share with up and coming actresses who are looking to be successful in the entertainment industry?
Gabrielle: First order of business will be to get where the work is. I know everybody’s journey is different. When I lived in DC, I did some low budget films and I did a couple of plays but it was like I wanted to be in something bigger. And the only way I was going to do that was to relocate out to New York or Los Angeles where the work was…emailing my headshot and resume off to a foreign land where the people are physically there…to show up to audition the same day or show up to audition the next day. Are you exactly starting down the right road leading yourself the opportunity to be successful? I think what’s great now is that the market is a lot lot broader than it use to be when it was just Los Angeles or New York. You got markets now in the south…Atlanta, you got New Orleans. I feel like it’s a lot of great opportunities that makes it feel easier to get your foot wet. Until you get there, you are losing and wasting time because other people are moving to those places and seeking the opportunity. You are just moving yourself further down on the list. It’s really about having the passion and desire. You have to be willing and have to be able to make it in this business.

Aaron: Can your fans expect any new and up and coming projects from you in the future?
Gabrielle: I’m partnering up with Mark Harris on another film that we’re working on this summer. I’m also producing a lot of different stuff on my own. I’m trying to create opportunities for myself and create characters for myself, so be on the lookout.

Aaron: Would you like to add anything in closing?
Gabrielle: Go out and support the film. It’s being a independent film and its being a nice life family romantic film, I think it will be a great opportunity to be able to sit down and watch a movie with your entire family that they can sit down and enjoy, which really was my kind of feel to doing the movie in the first place. I hope the people will take away and learn something. It’s very uplifting; it supports unity and supports, entrepreneurship, finding a purpose in life, love and a lot of positive things that we don’t see as often as I think we could and should. So, be open-minded and support the film and enjoy it a lot.

Keep up with Gabriele Dennis latest happenings and new projects by following her @GabrielleDennis on twitter. The Black Coffee DVD also includes behind-the-scenes footage and a photo gallery.


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