Ateya Richard Interview with Consciousness Magazine
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - editor

Aaron Robinson: Tell us a little about Ateya Richard?
Ateya Richard: Very simple…I keep God first in all that I do. I love my family. I come from a family with Southern Accents and BIG hearts to go along with it. I just love people.

Aaron: What was your interest or inspiration to starting your own show on YouTube?
Ateya: Well, I wanted to do makeup on the side as my second job.  So, I googled makeup and the rest is HISTORY!

Aaron: Was empowering women about various tips and topics on hair something you always wanted to do?
Ateya: I didn’t think about that at all when I started. I always wanted to be on TV, so this was the next best thing. And with that came a huge campaign with Motions Hair Care and I will be forever grateful to Brand Assert Group, [and I thank] Chris Lighty for that blessing. Rest in Peace Chris.

Aaron: Besides hair, what are some other subjects on your show that you speak about?
Ateya: Cooking! Oh, I love to eat! And if you were to see me now you would be able to see that. [Laugh] All of my Instagram photos are mainly food photos of me, family & friends pigging out somewhere in Houston. But cooking makes me beautiful inside as well.

Aaron: What is one main tip or encouragement that you will share with women when it comes to them beautifying themselves?
Ateya: Love yourself. You are beautiful inside and out. No makeup can cover up an ugly person from what she is on the inside. So love yourself to be able to love others.

Aaron: What words of encouragement would you share with young women who are looking to pursue their endeavors, nonetheless have the drive or will to do so?
Ateya: PRAY! BELIEVE! HAVE FAITH! God is able. All this happening to me - I thank you [God] for it all. Good or bad - I say THANK YOU like 100 times a day; you have no clue. And during the hard times, the hate and when people stopped watching I thanked him 200X’s more because I know deep down all is for a reason. I take it all as a blessing that he is uncovering something big for me. DONT GIVE UP!

Aaron: Would you like to add anything before we close the interview?
Ateya: I would like to thank you for this interview. Also all of my subscribers, followers on YouTube, Instagram & Twitter…I love you all for your support over these past 7 years. On my 10th year I will hang it up. So hang in there with me for 3 more years. Love you all!

 Aaron: Ateya, I thank you for pursuing this interview with Consciousness Magazine.

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