Miki Howard Interview

Miki Howard - I Choose To Be Happy (Interview)
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor
When I think of all the beautiful love songs and ballets of Miki Howard, from listening to her music at a young age, there it was no doubt as a teenager that one would either fall in love with someone they were dating, dreamed about love from having a crush on someone they liked or either wanted to experience what love was.
Miki Howard released more than 10 albums over the course of her career. The Grammy-nominated artist catalog speaks for itself, as she has memorable songs such as “Come Share My Love”, “Ain’t Nobody Like You”, and “Love Under New Management”, just to name a few. 
After interviewing her multi-talented son several years ago, I knew the time would eventually come to have the pleasure and honor of interviewing and speaking to one of my favorite powerhouse entertainers, Miki Howard. For those who don’t know, Howard is a woman filled with plenty of humor, reminding me of the mother every child wished they had at a young age. During our conversation she gave insight about her new album I Choose To Be Happy, as well as shared heart-felt words of encouragement for those who have experienced the harsh life such as she has.
Aaron Robinson: Hi Miki!
Miki Howard: Hi Aaron!
Aaron: I just want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and to also let you know that I’m a fan of yours.
Miki: Thank you. You’re welcome!
Aaron: What does the word consciousness mean to you?
Miki: Not Unconsciousness…Awareness…Mental Health. It all depends on what subject we’re talking about.
Aaron: What was your inspiration to your new album I Choose To Be Happy?
Miki: It was just about revisiting some of the songs that I have done over the years and something that I wanted to do and doing a live version of a more 2013, 14, 15 version. Because every time I perform everyone wants to hear these songs. It’s been a long time. So, I just felt inspired.
Aaron: Great! Great! Do you have any favorite songs on the album that’s very close to your heart more so than other songs?
Miki: We did a Marvin Gaye tribute song that I really love. We did “Soon I Will Be Loving You Again”. And there it may talk about a form of consciousness that you’re talking about. It’s a cerebral type of hit, you know, that’s about consciousness. That’s one of my favorite musically, which we had to find musicians. And the albums’ live. We have two studio songs. One is “Panther” with Too Short and he’s a perfect gentleman on the record and we love him. And the other is sort of a dance record. It’s a great record! I like it!
Aaron: Was there anything that you did differently from any of your albums in the past due to the industry changing?
Miki: No, [just] producing. I had some help from some of my friends like Jon Nettlesbey who produced “Until You Come Back to Me” and “If You Still Love Her” in the 90’s for me.
Aaron: Going though so many challenges and obstacles in your life, how did you manage to overcome them to continue to bounce back to follow your dreams?
Miki: Faith in God! My faith in God! 
Aaron: What words of encouragement would you share to empower women who face harsh life challenges and seem as if they have no way out?
Miki: You can change anything you don’t like. If you are not happy, get up, get out and get a plan to make yourself happy! Then someone will help you get somewhere. You have to really want to make a change in your life.
Aaron: In your music career, if you turn back the hands of time, what area of your life would you change or is there anything to change?
Miki: I don’t know if I would change anything, because during ways when you’re thinking you’re not doing great and everybody is doing better than you and you are running this race, or seems like everyone else is winning. Then when you get further down the lane, then all of a sudden they’re all gone. I’m not sure if I had changed anything, that my end result wouldn’t be the same. I’m here, I’m able to do what God has me to do and I’m thankful for my journey.
Aaron: Very well said. Definitely. When it is all said and done, most importantly, what would you like for your fans and listeners to remember most about Miki Howard?
Miki: That love is bigger than anything in the world because God is love. Anytime you are able to see it, share it, feel it, you should do that!
Aaron: What other projects can your fans expect from you in the future? Are there any up and coming projects besides your new album?
Miki: I wrote this book and I’ve been saying I’m going to put it out for ever. And I pray I’m going to put it out. (Laugh) The music, the music, and more concerts and music!
Aaron: Nice! Nice! Are you a part of any organizations or charities? Do you work with anything related to the community?
Miki: No, but I work with kids man. I work one on one with a lot of kids…a lot of kids in the industry. I think people should start reaching around and reach out to the person sitting or standing next to you. [That’s] if you are able to. I’m not able to go to Africa and do all that, but I am able to take my girlfriend’s daughter and say ‘let’s go spend a day and see what’s happening with you.’ I’m able to pay for someone’s school or education sometimes; that’s what’s important to me. I try to join organizations. I walked with the breast cancer people. My sister had breast cancer and passed away from it and my mom. So, there are things that are near and dear to my heart. There are personal things that I do like go over myself, or to someone’s house and make sure they have something to eat. I’m not a real organizational charitable person, you know.
Aaron: That’s still great! You’re still giving back in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to the youth and helping them.
Miki: Awwww! They are so dear to my heart!
Aaron: Do you have any words of advice for any of those who are trying to make a living from the music industry?
Miki: Do they have any words of advice for me? [Laugh] Oh my God! You know, I don’t know how to make way. [Laugh] I’m just an artist. I just do the art.
Aaron: Would you like to add anything else that we didn’t cover before we close the interview Miki?
Miki: Just God bless everybody and thank you so much for hearing.
Visit Miki Howard @ http://www.mikihowardmedia.com/


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