Lamman Rucker Interview

Lamman Rucker “Empowering the World through Art and Entrepreneurship”
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

Over the course of Lamman Rucker’s career he has created a substantial amount of opportunities for himself in regards to achieving his goals to become a household name, starring in some of the most memorable and well-known films in our time. Many may know Rucker for his roles in films such as "Why Did I Get Married?", “Why Did I Get Married Too,” and the television series Meet The Browns, just to name a few. Women love him for his charm and looks, whereas men, young or old respect him as a role model as he leads by example. Meeting Rucker, one will know beforehand that he is a man of integrity and class, filled with a colossal of intelligence.

Last year I (Consciousness Magazine) had the privilege to interview the actor, activist and entrepreneur who shared with us his experience working with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund in the South Africa community. Rucker, having the opportunity to travel around the world, continues to utilize his passion of educating, teaching, speaking, coaching, motivating, mentoring, consulting and advising; moreover, empowering youth and adults with his various advocacies.

Recently, I was granted the opportunity to interview Lamman Rucker about his current and latest happenings, and more so, to speak to him about his starring role in the new film “Black Coffee”, also starring Gabrielle Dennis, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Christian Keyes and Erica Hubbard. “Black Coffee” has been recently released on DVD. Through the film Rucker shares positive words of encouragement and empowering aspects in hopes of uplifting our readers.

Lamman Rucker on…

Role in new film “Black Coffee”
The characters’ name is Hill; he’s an attorney, a self-made man. He’s one of those pick yourself up by your boot strap kind of guys [who] makes things happen. He’s coming out of a relationship with Gabrielle Dennis character (Morgan). He’s been kind of difficult in the relationship where they just separated and there’s all kinds of struggles with the relationship. She’s chosen to kind of move on and he didn’t. He’s not nearly about ready to let her go. Overall, he’s a guy with a good heart, but he’s a little manipulative and controlling in certain ways.

Diversifying how the role in “Black Coffee” was different from past roles portrayed
One of the things that attracted me to this was the fact that he was kind of a jerk. Most people who see this, most people who had the opportunity to see [the film] is hoping he’s a nice guy or Mr. Perfect. I also [wanted to play the role] because of the message. Overall, it’s a positive message about keep moving on and keeping moving forward and how to adapt after you have been through some adversity. When we meet pretty much all of the characters, we’re all going through some kind of transitions or some kind of challenges at that time.

Working with the cast of “Black Coffee”
It was pretty nice! That was one of the upsides. It’s always good to know what kind of company you’re going to be in. It’s encouraging knowing that I was going to be doing this film, not only with certain actors that I was going to be comfortable with, but also at this point where I can have some confidence in, based on this talent and the ability. It was fun and it was an easy task. When you have good leadership and you got talent and good people around you, it makes your job a little easier.

Keeping a Relationship Healthy
One of the things I always kind of modeled in all of the films that I’ve done is to try to be a man who is not afraid to be flawed and at the same time who is not afraid to change and not afraid to be better. It’s a thin line between accepting yourself just as you are and at the same time trying to say it to yourself ‘you know what, I need to be better, there’s some things about me that I need to change’ and then be willing to put in work and make some sacrifices and some difficult decisions that you may have to make in order to change.

Leadership and Setting Examples
That’s what I try to show [in the movie], if we can start one place but end in another. We should see some kind of part from him [Hill] that other men can model after. It takes support of letting go, it takes you being honest about your feelings, it takes you letting go of certain degrees of control, and it takes you not controlling and manipulating, and so forth, not trying to be harmful and hurtful to others. There’s a lot of really little nasty, dirty, spiteful and mean things that people do. Ironically, sometimes they are the meanest and the most spiteful to the people, that they supposedly at one point or another, they loved or were in love with or really cared about. I try to make sure that I send a message and set examples as to how we can behave as better people, regardless of the circumstances or the setbacks or whatever pain or hurt that we’ve been through.

Up and coming Future Projects
A few different things, I actually have another film coming out called “The Man In 3B”, so we’re excited about that and Christen Keys is also in that one with me! I have a film called “First Impression”, it is supposed to be released sometime this year. I just finished one called “Where Is the Love” that may be airing at the end of this month on UPtv.

Entrepreneurship and Community Endeavors Partaken
Entrepreneurship is the path to a type of financial stability. I still have my own natural bath and body care line called Forplia by Lamman Rucker. I would also like to encourage everybody to stay with me and be aware of the brand. You can follow @ Forplia on all social media corners across the board. My profit motivation to it is when we’re doing a lot more of my educational service programming, also some of the independent, financial advisory if you will, it’s called The Black Gents. We’re really focused on the positive black male image - service to the community to be an outreach to advance people. Entertainment, education and empowerment are our primary vehicles.

Closing Remarks of Empowerment
I would like to definitely encourage everybody to see Black Coffee. So many other things, art and films, is what we are trying to set the example for ourselves, which is to encourage the people to follow their dream and to start their own businesses and to build these businesses with one another; small owned businesses - minority owned businesses - run our own businesses. These are things that are very important worthy to that individual, that we are pursuing our dreams, and measuring our God given gifts. But it’s also hard-times. [Moreover], it’s the form of a primary model for financial wealth and financial independents.


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