Jeff Chi Q&A

Jeff Chi “Chicago’s Rising Artist” (Q&A)

Q. What does the word consciousness mean to you?
A. To me, consciousness is knowing and understanding what’s going on around you; it’s our unique view of life as our mind perceives it.

Q. When did you realize that this art form was something that you wanted to pursue?
A. I always had a strong passion for music and I’m a strong believer that ‘music is the soundtrack of our lives’. (As a hobby and outlet), I started writing years ago experiencing a few hip-hop showcases (as a fan). Towards the end of 2012 sparked my interest in sharing my written words with others. Soon after, my closest friend Court noticed me writing a lot and took the initiative to assist me in setting up a legit home recording studio, planted the seed, nurtured it and it flourished into what it is today.

Q. What makes your style different from any other artist?
A. Basically, I feel my style is different from other artist because it’s organic (it developed naturally, nothing was forced). I’m vividly painting you a picture of life as “I” see it.

Q. What is your primary mission as an artist?
A. I above everything just want people to hear what I have to say. It’s a dream come true to be able to express myself through music. I just want to be heard, I want to inspire, I want to motivate, and at the end of the day I want to wake up everyday and do what it is that I love to do, music.

Q. When people listen to your new project, what message would you like for them to get out of it?
A. The message I’m trying to relay is that it’s more to my city than the violence and crimes. I want people to see that if you apply yourself, not let where you come from defeat you and focus on where you want to be, that anything is possible. I would love for people to listen, relate and find some form of motivation/inspiration to do better.

Q. What was some of the challenges in which you endured and scarifies that you have made as an artist to get to where you are today?
A. My initial studio session was very challenging because I was utilizing for the first time abilities I’ve never tapped into. I was unaware and uncertain if I was even capable of executing the task at hand. In regards to sacrifices I think when you’re so focused on accomplishing something everything else tends to ‘play second fiddle’; to those close to me just know that my love remains strong and each and every one of you play a big part in my daily motivation.

Q. Being raised in a hip hop area of enlightenment, what do you think of the hip hop of today as oppose to when it seemed meaningful and more intelligent?
A. I think the era of hip-hop today for the most part is done solely to generate income (so the more artist put out the more income they can possibly generate). I feel a lot of artists nowadays do not put the time and effort into their craft. Whereas on the other hand, when hip-hop was more meaningful they seemed to focus more on quality than quantity.

Q. What are your thoughts on the Midwest (Chicago) hip hop movement?
A. I feel the Chicago hip-hop movement is a good thing because it’s giving people an outlet and opportunity to do something positive with their lives. I strongly believe that when giving something to live and strive for, you tend to value and appreciate life a little more.

Q. Would you like to add anything before the closing of the interview?
A. I would first like to thank Consciousness Magazine for giving me the opportunity to let my fans and any potential fans grasp a better understanding of me as an artist/person. I want to thank my mom for all she’s sacrificed in my upbringing and thank my dad for showing me how it is to truly be a man/father. A huge thank you to my great grand mother Annie Mae Stephens for instilling the faith and values in me that makes me the person I am today. I want to thank each and every family member, friend, teacher and mentor that has played a key role in my life. I want to thank my business partner, best friend, big bro CJ for believing in me and pushing me to take control of my life and assisting me on this journey of accomplishing my dreams and aspirations. I want to thank Timothy and Jeremiah for their unconditional love; everything I do is for you. Daddy loves you! In closing, I’m truly blessed to have such gifted and dedicated people by my side as I embark upon my musical journey.


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