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J. Tune Interview Q&A with Consciousness Magazine

Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to interview up-and-coming hip hop artist J. Tune. Here is what he had to share during a recent Q&A.
Q: Tell us a little about some of your latest projects such as your recent mixtape, EP, etc.?
A: I recently released my mixtape entitled “My Appreciation” which is a conscious, positive sound of music. For me, it was just a small way of showing my gratitude to all of my supporters who have been watching me grow and transform into the artist that I am right now.
Q: You are a lyrical artist who creates conscious music that talks about real life issues, and so forth. What is your inspiration to creating such positive and good music that has meaning and substance?
A: In 2009 my close friend Kiwane Carrington was murdered by a local officer, when we were only 15 years old which drove me into a deep depression. My only outlet was music, which stuck with me and I decided to flip my frustrations into relatable music that is true to who I am.
Q: In your own right, you separate yourself from many of the artists of today by being your own leader and a trendsetter. What makes you not follow the trends of today and to create a unique sound from your counterparts?
A: Being different or what may be considered as separate from other artists is not something I intentionally do. My music is my craft and I take pride in what I create. I rarely listen to the radio, but from the little I have heard I cannot connect to. I try to make my music as true to what I am feeling and going through as possible, in the hopes that someone can too relate.
Q: Do you feel as though you have a certain responsibility to uphold as an artist?
A: I always say that I want to be the voice of my generation to shine light on bringing awareness to the youth. If I continue to be true to myself, and also my supporters, I feel that there will be no way I could not uphold.
Q: As an up-and-coming artist, what has been some of the challenges that you have faced in the music business?
A: Because I am working as an independent artist it can be challenging for me to get people to see that I am serious. Without that foundation behind me I have to work twice as hard as someone that is signed to get acknowledged.  
Q: For those young males who feel as if they have no outlet in life, what words of encouragement would you share with them?
A: If your Dreams don’t scare you then you are not dreaming big enough. If you believe you can achieve you will achieve. Chase your dreams!
Q: Would you like to add anything in closing?
A: If you have not heard my music I really encourage you to. Take a chance with me. Everything I spit is from the heart. Go to www.audiomack.com and search J. Tune My Appreciation. Spread Love. Peace!

Twitter: @Therealjtune
Facebook: Jamie JTune Gatson
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