Tanay Jackson

Tanay Jackson Involvement with Retake Talent Search

Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson

Long hours of recording sessions, performing and working diligently are usually typical days for pop artist Tanay Jackson. The gifted singer is the daughter of Tito Jackson and niece of the most talented artist that ever walked the planet, Michael Jackson. At the age of 12, Tanay Jackson began writing music and poetry. Intensely, she continues to shock the world by storm with her artistry.
Eager, enthused and confident, Tanay Jackson shares to the readers about her involvement with Retake Talent Search. “I found Retake while searching on line. I was like, wow! This is great…just to deal with a brand new sight looking for any artist! There’s just so many artist. It’s so saturated with so many artists, that a lot of artist never gets the exposure. With Retake, the artist receives the recognition and help they deserve,” sincerely states Jackson. ReTake also works with newcomers as well as established artists who are seeking for additional exposure; hence, helping an artist succeed in landing a recording deal with a major label. The company is also committed to signing former television talent show contestants from shows such as The Voice and American Idol.
ReTake stands out from other websites by offering specialized and customized promotional tools that fits the artists. Some of the marketing solutions that are designed to help the artist grow their business include video marketing, social bookmarking and tweeting that include an online community where music fans around the nation can engage and stay informed about their artist. Other artist such as Sarah Kelly (Christian rock star) has also endorsed the company. Jackson speaks on how an artist may become involved with ReTake Talent Search. “[Visit] RetakeTalentSearch.com. You can sign up and save your profile and put your video up there, and enter your information.”
Jackson is the President of Roth Entertainment and Lunar Music. Over the years, she has performed around the country. She has also taught Hip Hop and Modern dance at the Dancers Workshop in Brooklyn. During the year of 2006, Jackson attained a Bachelor degree of Arts in Business Management. The courageous and undertaking artist has been responsible for the high energy song “Spotlight” and her recently new release of the new video “Naughty Girls.” “Naughty Girl has recently gotten the attention of major labels and major promoters. We haven’t made a decision to move forward on it yet,” she says excited about her experience.
In the future fans can expect more music, more videos, movies, and as always expect Tanay Jackson to bedoing her thing!!! Be sure to follow her on Instagram: instagram.com/tanayjackson, Twitter: @TanayJackson, Facebook: TanayJackson, and Youtube: 7Tanay7


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