Damon Williams on the Chronicles

Q&A with Damon Williams: VP of Programming for Music Choice
By Aaron Robinson - Editor

Having over 20 years of broadcast experience, Damon Williams, Vice President of Programming for Music Choice has been instrumental and a key player for bringing the multi-platform video and music network to the next level. Williams is responsible for overseeing 50 channels nationally and has been successful in strategizing and developing the company’s products.

Recently Music Choice had its debut of Chronicles which is a 30 minute episode that gives an introspective journey on the lives and careers of today’s hottest artists. Chronicles broadcast Tuesday at 8pm ET/PT on Music Choice Play. Its first shows debuted the life and success of 50 Cent, Jason Derulo, and B.o.B. Other episodes of artist to follow include Fat Joe, DJ Cassidy, Aloe Blace and Daddy Yankee.

Here is what Williams shared regarding the episodes of Chronicles during a Q&A with Consciousness Magazine.

Q: What makes Chronicles so interesting or unique for it to be broadcasted on the Music Choice network?
A: Chronicles is the first artist centric episodic series for Music Choice Play. It is of interest to viewers because it focuses on the artist’s point of view.  It highlights critical points that helped to launch and develop their careers and artistry. You will see several of these moments in each of the shows.  For example, during B.o.B’s show, viewers will learn how his dad taught him the philosophy of PLATO as a kid and how this helped him throughout his career. 

Q: What was the motivation behind creating a series that highlights the careers of artists’ success, etc.?
A: We felt there was a need to tell artists’ stories in a meaningful and impactful way with a level of interactivity for our viewers. There has been such a focus on reality based programming lately that we felt the time was right for Music Choice to start telling stories our way and to personalize it.

Q: What can viewers and fans of the artists expect from the series as opposed to alternative interviews and documentaries that highlight their favorite artists?
A: Viewers can expect to be taken on a journey with Chronicles.  We spent time with each of the artists to really ensure that we captured things they felt critical to their musical success and journey.  We tried to capture those life moments that have never been seen before on TV such as Daddy Yankee taking a TV crew back to where he grew up in Puerto Rico for the first time.  The footage is amazing and fans are going to love it!

Q: Some of the artists highlighted on the show include 50 Cent, Jason Derulo, and Fat Joe, just to name a few. How did the producers go about choosing the artists for the series?
A: We looked at artists that had previous success on Music Choice and looked for ones that were impacting our audience now.   Jason Derulo has been one of our top performers on Video On Demand (VOD) and is a rising star, but not a lot of people know the real Jason Derulo.  We felt Chronicles gives Jason a chance to tell that story to our viewers.  He specifically wanted to focus on how hard he grinds day in and day out in the studio, on tour and perfecting his live stage show for his fans.  With his recent announcement about his first solo tour, it will be a great sneak peak for his fans.

Q: The last series of Chronicles broadcasts toward the end of October. Is the network anticipating broadcasting more Chronicles series for a second season?
A:  We are very excited about Chronicles and bringing artists’ stories to our airwaves.  You will have to stay tuned for that answer!

Q: As Vice President of Programming for Music Choice, how has Music Choice progressed over the years?
A:  Music Choice has progressed over the years from our audio service, to VOD, to our linear network Music Choice Play.   We want to offer all types of music experiences for fans – from passive to engaging to immersive – and our progression is clear through the products we have created for them.

Q:  What can viewers expect in the future from Music Choice?
A: We will continue to develop great music driven products that will allow Music Choice to be everywhere.   We will continue to roll out product features that will allow consumers to access our product on various platforms—inside the home on your TV, on the computer and on the go with your mobile devices.  Consumers can also expect us to develop more content initiatives to help grow our linear network Music Choice Play. 

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