An Interview with Global Composer Yanni

Yanni 2014 Worldwide Tour
An Interview with Global Composer Yanni
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

There are few musicians who can rise to a certain pinnacle and can sincerely say they have achieved and gained the success as a worldwide artist by being awarded for more than 40 platinum and gold albums. As a native of Greece, legendary global composer, Yanni, sought out a vision to believe in his goals at a young age and has come to reach millions of fans worldwide.

Accomplishing goals was not always an easy task for the iconic composer; however, his tenure and persistence to carry out his career is proof that one man can believe and conquer the endeavors in which they set out.

Yanni has toured and performed at places such the Acropolis in Greece, the Taj Mahal in India and the Royal Albert Hall in England, just to name a few. To date, Yanni is on his 2014 nationwide tour performing in over 20 countries. He will also perform in Chicago on September 6th at the Sears Center.

I was given the opportunity to interview Yanni for Consciousness Magazine regarding his travel to Chicago on his worldwide tour. Here is what he had to share concerning his tour, his latest projects, surviving in such a competitive music industry and giving back to the community.

Aaron Robinson: How does one individual begin to gain so much success to become a worldwide musician?
Yanni: When I started as a professional musician I did not have a plan. I knew that I wanted to be a composer and musician but never could have imagined the path that my career would have taken me. Throughout my career I have always stayed true to the art form of music and never made decisions based on money; I think this approach has helped me achieve many of my accomplishments in my career. 

Aaron: You’re coming to Chicago September 6th, what makes Chicago so unique from any other city you’ve have performed?
Yanni: Chicago has always been a very special city to me. I love performing in and visiting Chicago. It is like the heart of America for me. I spent a lot of time in Minneapolis and would make it to Chicago and the surrounding area often. The people are very warm here and are a great joy to perform for. I also happen to love all of your food and restaurants. I will always come back to Chicago.
Aaron: You have released numerous albums over the course of your music career. You recently released the album Inspirato. What makes this album different from any other project you have released?
Yanni: This album is unique in that it combines many of the greatest voices in the world with my most important compositions. The project took 4 years to record and involved many of the best vocal performers in the world including Placido Domingo, Renée Fleming, Katherine Jenkins, Vitorrio Grigolo and many others.
Aaron: As a legendary composure, producer and musician who has over 30 combined studio albums, concert and live albums, what do you believe has been your key to longevity in such a competitive field?
Yanni: I have always made the music that has been true to me. I never sat down to compose, record or perform music that was done for any purpose other than it was what was insured and inside of me at that time. I think staying honest with your art and not letting the business side of the industry affect my creative process has been a major factor in having a sustainable career over the years.
Aaron: What are some of the challenges in which you’ve endured while being on a worldwide tour?
Yanni: Touring around the world is an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience. The challenging part is simply the moving, packing, waiting and all of the turmoil of travel. The rewards come in being introduced to new cultures and people all over the world. The amount of learning that you experience with this opportunity of travel is incredible and I cherish it to grow as a person.
Aaron: Having worldwide success as a musician, what advice would you share with musicians who are striving to make a name for themselves in the music industry?
Yanni: Always believe in yourself and keep focused on your goals creatively. Do not let the practical advisers and critics deter you. You are only responsible to yourself and you need to remember that it is your life, not someone else's, so always focus on your goals, not those of others.
Aaron: You are involved in various charities that you partake in. What are some charities that you hold dear to your heart?
Yanni: I have been involved in many children's charities throughout the world - typically in supporting education and helping those children with disadvantages in life. More well known is my support of WWF and the work being done with the Pandas in China. A few years ago I was invited by the Chinese people to adopt a baby Panda in Chengdu, China. It was a great honor and it inspired my interest in helping the Panda conservancy.
Aaron: Would you like to add anything in closing?
Yanni: I am very happy to be back touring in the USA. After a few years abroad and seeing new audiences around the world, it feels wonderful to be back here in America.
Aaron: Yanni, I thank you so much for pursuing this interview!
Yanni: Thank you very much for the great questions.

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