Alexander Martin: Radio Host & Inventor

Alexander Martin: Radio Host & Inventor
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

For over a decade, Alexander Martin, who is a known-well designer and inventor has invented several products that are sold worldwide. Alexander Martin is also a talented individual who operates Martin Christian Radio, as well as the Non Profit radio station Love Life Community Radio 107.9FM The People Station, located in Decatur Illinois. The radio station often gives assistance, helping inventors and providing them with valuable informational tips regards to inventing. Throughout the week a variety of programs are offered to the listeners for their listening pleasure while all gospel music is played on Sunday.

With the extraordinary gifts and talents Mr. Martin possess, he took account of his blessings combining his ministry of God and his passion for helping people all into one, allowing him to give back to inventors, designers and artist.

I recently interviewed Mr. Martin regarding his inventions, radio endeavors and most importantly his love and passion to help others.

Tell us a little about Alexander Martin? It started out when I was about 9 or 10 when I moved to Decatur, Illinois from Greenwood, Mississippi. When I was young I thought about being on the air, just playing around acting as if I was on the air. I eventually pushed it up a little further; I started out with inventing and then I got into radio. I help inventors. I love helping people. I’m operating two radio stations, Martin Christian Radio and Love Life Community Radio.

What led you to want to go into radio? I was helping a guy out with music when I was out in the world. People were saying ‘hey, you should get your own radio station.’ I thought about it way before they said that. I said ‘why don’t I put a radio station online for inventors! Then it moved into that, and then gospel music. It was Martin Tips On Inventions Christian Radio. It also helps inventors. Then I thought more about it. I always wanted to be on FM. We did the license and God blessed us with 107.9FM.

You also are an inventor. When did you receive the gift or passion to invent? It was like I was thinking of things. I said ‘man you know what, I think I can be an inventor’. I came out with some inventions and I went to different shows such as the American Inventors and The Everyday Edison Show. I got a patent pending on it. Most of all, I’ve found a passion for helping people. I’ve helped a lady with this electric mover for moving patients over to the bed, and a lady who invented a kind of wheel chair that turns into a bed. I love inventing man. My ministry was radio. I just put it all together and just helped everyone all in one such as inventors, designers and artist.

What are some of the products you’ve invented? Well, I first started out with the filter air-fresher that goes in your car; you can use it in any area in your car or in your house. I came out with a different spray bottle that you can use in three different ways. It’s just one bottle of whatever you desire to put in there to use it for. I also came out with a new designed baby bottle and so on. Those are the three that I’ve really been working hard on.

As you mentioned earlier, you have helped many business owners with their businesses, as well as helped individuals with their products they’ve invented. What are some of the tools in which you provide for up and coming inventors? (First) thing is get everything lined up and get it down on paper. One thing is - mail it back to yourself so that you can have proof that it’s your product. And number (two) is making sure you get a patent pending. And keep it to yourself until you can get a patent pending and get the right manufacturing company that it may be. I tell a lot of inventors just keep the faith; this thing will work out. You just have to keep on with what you are doing. You just have to line it up and it will work out.

For this question your comment was on the same lines, but what advice would you share with those individuals who are looking to get their product off the ground? Give me a call and I can lead you in the direction that you need to be led. You don’t have to tell me your whole full product, you can tell me that you created something and I’ll tell you, ‘hey, this is what we do.’ Don’t tell me what it is. We’ll get all the paperwork done first and get it lined up with the patent and trademark office, do your patent pending and you got a year to get this thing out there and you can expose it once you get your patent pending to me or whoever, and you just keep moving forward. We don’t want scams, we don’t want any of that, because people worked so hard on their inventions and just don’t want to give this out to someone and all of a sudden see it in the store.

That’s valuable information. Would you like to add anything before we close the interview Mr. Martin?
With 107.9FM, we look forward to the public support for our format which consists of a lot of programming with the youth, elderly, health care, etc. We are geared towards meeting the need of the community both natural and spiritual. Another important issue is that this is a donation supported station. We need the support of donations coming in to help us run and maintain just as other stations does. If there are people out there that want to be a blessing to this station, it is a worthy cause. This station is a vision. I’m trusting in God that it will be successful.
For more information on Alexander Martin and to donate to Love Life Community Radio 107.9FM The People Station please visit Follow on twitter @mchristianradio and Radio Station number (217) 423-0077


  1. Alexander Martin: Radio Host & Inventor is a scam artists. He invented a radio station scam and screwed me out of hundreds and probably pocketed the money donated to him. He got refunded for an eBay purchase but refused to return the equipment - all after lying about the condition. I guess that's what being Christian is all about.


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