B Howard DSYLM single and video review

B Howard - “Don’t Say You Love Me”
Written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

Connecting with his fans around the globe, multi-platinum producer B Howard continues to showcase his incredible singing, songwriting, and producing ability in his recent debut single “Don’t Say You Love Me (DSYLM).”

The electrifying dance track is extremely live and immensely energetic. The music prodigy demonstrates this in his singing and production, and most certainly his breathtaking performance in the “Don’t Say You Love Me” video. Both, the radio single and video features Brooklyn rapper BK Brasco. Also in the video appears Adeline Mocke, a South African model who turned into a singer. B Howard seduces her as his dream woman in the video. In the clip, its gets steamy as his love interest turns up the heat; later the storyline has an interesting twist and plot.  

B Howard, the mastermind behind many award winning songs has worked with artist such as Akon, Teddy Riley, Ciara, Jason Derulo and Miguel, just to name several. He quickly became an international star for the Asian Pop Music scene in 2010 as his album GENESIS debuted.

During a portion of B Howard’s career, he has been influenced by many music greats, including one of the greatest artists that the world has ever seen, Michael Jackson. He has made a name for himself outside of his mother Miki Howard, while continuing to be consistent, diligent, hard-working and most importantly remaining who he is as an artist.

“DSYLM” is steadily climbing the charts and is a must listen. The video is a must see. To purchase and download song visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dsylm-ep/id1052259176.

For more information on B Howard visit website www.BHowardOfficial.com
Follow B Howard on twitter www.twitter.com/BHowardOfficial


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