Marys Court Third Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway

Mary’s Court Third Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

Every time I’m given the opportunity to interview Isiah Thomas, it is not only a pleasure to speak with the Hall of Famer and NBA TV analyst, but also an honor to be in his presence. Over the last several years, Isiah Thomas along with his family business, Mary’s Court, has been executing a multitude of phenomenal and positive efforts in the community. 

Thomas recently partnered with the Marillac Social Center for Mary’s Court Third Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway, which took place in his hometown on the Westside of Chicago. “It’s all about the kids; it just warms my heart to see the kid’s happy receiving the toys. It’s always fun! It’s always exciting! Anytime you can put a smile on a kid’s face…it’s amazing just to see the kid’s faces glow. That’s what it’s all about,” excitedly articulates the NBA legend.

Hundreds and hundreds of preschool to high school age students filled the center as Thomas played the role of Santa, kindly benefiting an immense amount of underprivileged youth. “I want to grow the event and give back to the community,” generously says Thomas regarding his last exhilarating community event of the year, while enjoying the moment and looking forward to continue making a difference in the community the forthcoming year.

Prior to the Holiday Toy Giveaway, Thomas attended the Jason Ervin’s 28th Ward Annual Senior Holiday Luncheon at the JLM Abundant Life Community Center. The speaking engagement benefited about 800 seniors.

During the Third Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway, happiness, joy, and excitement filled the room as Isiah Thomas followed in his mother’s, Mary Thomas, footsteps regarding giving back. Mary’s Court was founded in recognition to honor and celebrate her life and legacy as she provided her generous service to the economically disadvantaged in the community. “I live every day and I’ve lived every day to make my mom proud. Those are some of the greatest words that she could say to me - that she’s proud of me. She said that often,” happily says our forever champion Isiah Thomas.

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