Zuher Khan Interview

Zuher Khan on new Film and artist Collaboration
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

When 18 year old film producer Zuher Khan taught himself about the film industry, the sky was the limit. Khan would later create a conspiring film that depicts the life of a young film student, titled “Three Holes, Two Brads & A Smoking Gun”. In the film, Khan plays John F. Kennedy Ariamehr a.k.a. Jack. Other actors include incredible performances by James Wilder Joaquim de Almida, Richard Edson and Rudolf Martin, just to name several.

Recently, Khan has collaborated with such incredible talent on the soundtrack for the film such as legendary film producer and rapper Ice Cube, Obie Trice and Grammy Award Winning Producer, Magnedo7.

I was able to interview the humble and strong-minded film producer, Zuher Khan, about his new film, his collaborations, and his latest happenings in the entertainment industry. Zuher is a believer and is a prime example of having a vision and making it come true. Here is what the gifted actor and film producer had to share with the Consciousness Magazine readers.

Aaron Robinson: You recently produced the film “Three Holes, Two Brads & A Smoking Gun.” What was your inspiration behind producing this amazing and wonderful film?
Zuher Khan: My inspiration was when I watched this documentary on Sylvester Stallone “The Rocky Saga.” He said that when he was first starting his first film that he would be living in a room where he can close the window with one hand and close the door with his leg. And he was going through a struggle and through so much pain, and that’s when he wrote Rocky and it got picked up by a studio. Basically they wanted him to make the film but not him as the lead. He casted himself and he wrote himself as the lead actor. That made me feel like ‘why can’t I start my own film?’ That inspired me to write my own film.

Aaron: You worked with such a talented and gifted cast. As a young actor and producer, was there anything that you learned from some of the veteran actors?
Zuher: Oh absolutely! You learn a lot. You learn how to communicate with people. You learn how to act in front of a camera, because acting is reacting when you have such a great strong cast to react off of. I learned a lot from all of the actors that I was around. I learned a lot from some of the people that was a part of my film. They're the reason for my success today.

Aaron: Were there any challenges in which you had to face along the way while putting together the film?
Zuher: Yes, there were challenges. I’m sure there’re challenges for everyone, like getting the money together, getting interest, developing the script, developing the story, getting a director and finding distribution. I’m very happy that we got distribution and I’m very happy that everything is working out. At the beginning, I didn’t know a lot of people. I didn’t know a lot of things about the industry. Slowly and steadily I learned by reading books and going online watching interviews and documentaries on filmmakers. It was a struggle; it definitely was! At the end I had people working with me that pulled through.

Aaron: How did you balance the two roles as actor and executive producer, such as working in front of the camera and working behind the camera?
Zuher: Basically, when I was on the set I was making sure the food was coming out on time and everyone was on time for location. On locations we had permits; I was balancing it pretty well. I memorized all of my lines and I had a director to oversee the film on the whole shooting part. I overlooked all the production. It was a difficult task; it was not easy because it’s very hard to concentrate on how long we have a location for and my performance at the same time. My performance was more important to me, but also was getting the proper care for my production team. I balanced it fine because I’m a believer.

Aaron: You also collaborated with Ice Cube, Obie Trice and Magnedo7 on several tracks for the film. What was it like working with them?
Zuher: Ice Cube’s a legend! I think working with him has really taught me a lot. It really opened up my eyes just watching him work and just watching his work on a whole different level. Obie Trice is also somewhat of a legend. He’s working with Dr. Dre and Eminem right now. And he also agreed to collaborate with me on the soundtrack for the film. I was very happy that all of these artists were coming together to work with me. I think it’s been a great experience thus far; Magnedo7 is a Grammy Award winner who produced Eminem’s “Recovery” album back in 2011. Working with such great names and working with such great talent makes one shine! I’m very excited to see what the future holds.

Aaron: What advice would you share with young actors and producers that are looking to be successful in the film industry?
Zuher: Never give up; never say never! I was there when no one was helping me, I was there when no one believed in me and I was there when no one had faith in me. It’s really tough starting off, but you just never give up! Go with your heart, because your heart’s the greatest part of your body. Just keep striving and keep trying. Keep continuously striving vigorously. Never call it quits. If you enjoy acting, if you enjoy film-making, if you enjoy rapping, if you enjoy record producing then please do it, continue to do it. One day you will make a living out of it.

Aaron: Can your viewers and fans expect any new projects from you in the future?
Zuher: Yes, I’m planning to be collaborating with Magnedo7 again and Von who is a friend of mine. He has a recording session with Usher in two weeks and he’s also going to be collaborating with me on my next film. My next film will be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. And it’s going to be a crime thriller.

Aaron: Zuher, would you like to add anything in closing before we close the interview that we haven’t spoke about?
Zuher: Everything’s shaping up, everything is working out and everything is balanced like the Libra scale.

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