PJ Morton 'Musical Genius'

PJ Morton 'Musical Genius'

Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

“I think it’s the growth of it. I think my production and writing has grown. I had like three years of down time. I just spent 3 years working on my craft,” says PJ Morton during a recent interview with Consciousness Magazine. He voices what  he believe sets his full-length album ‘New Orleans’ apart from any other project he’d worked on during his career. The Maroon 5 keyboardist/ backing vocalist recently releases his new album with Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records which has a roster of platinum recording artist such as Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj, just to name a few.
Over the course of Morton’s career, as an immaculate songwriter/producer, he has become a demand in the industry for his talent and skills. With respect, the New Orleans native has successfully created a name for himself outside of being the son of gospel singer Paul S. Morton. The talented artist elaborates on when he received the revelation revealing music was his calling. “Very early on…I think the one that stands out is when I was 15. I put a song on an album and I got a check for it. When I got paid for it I was like ‘man, I would have did it for free!’ If I can make a career out of this, I’m in. So at 15 years old I was getting the experience. Meanwhile, that has been my journey for a long time,” explains Morton.
The multi-talented artist has been successful in fusing numerous genres, such as R&B/funk, gospel, pop, rock and so forth. ‘New Orleans’ features some of music industry greats (Adam Levine, Busta Rhymes, Tweet, etc.) as well as the legend Stevie Wonder who is featured on “Only One.” PJ Morton speaks about his experience of working with the legend. “I just learned that he’s still great; he’s still amazing. I didn’t give any direction on what I wanted him to play. I just gave him those 8 bars and gave him the freedom of what he wanted to do and he nailed it just like he does. He still got it man. It inspires me to want to be that great.”
The music of today continues to evolve, some for the good and some for the worst. PJ Morton is a prime example of creating music at its finest. As a very exceptional artist who represents musicianship and positivity, Morton is sure to leave a legacy behind. He elaborates on how he thinks the music of today is influencing our next generation. “A few years ago I would have said not that great. And some music is probably still not that great. But I guess that’s always the case in any generation. But I feel like there’s a wave of good music. Instruments are being picked up again; good singing is starting to happen again. So I’m encouraged now that it’s getting the right energy and the right direction again. Fantasia’s record for example. There are so many now. Adele is turning it around. It’s [music] better. And I’m excited.”
Being a member of the band Freestyle Nation was Morton foray into the music industry. Thereafter he has won a Grammy Award for his songwriting/ production for India Arie’s song “Interested.” He has also won a Dove and Stellar Award for “Let Go, Let God” with gospel singer DeWayne Woods. Some of his artist collaborations include: LL Cool J, Monica, Musiq Soulchild and so on. Having a great respect from many, as well as having an impressive archive that’s built strong and solid, there’s no doubt that he would have a successful and ongoing tenure. The future musical legend shares words of encouragement for individuals who are looking to be a musician or songwriter. “Be original. Don’t try to be anybody else to fit in because when you get lost in your craft there is no reason for anyone to call you. They are going to go to an original. I say be creative and original. Start from where you are. Link up with those people in the city that are doing something and build from there. And that will take you to the next opportunity as you grow from there,” sincerely and truthfully says Morton who remains true as a musician.
For this year and years to come, Morton is looking to create more music and plans to be on the road to bless fans and listeners with his musical gift. “The album just came out so I will be on the road touring a bit all around the world. I will be out touring with Maroon 5. You know, I’m just focused on this album right now and making sure I can get it to as many people in the world so they can hear it. That’s what I’m looking forward to,” excited says Morton as our interview comes to an end.
PJ Morton’s album ‘New Orleans’ is in stores. For tour dates and latest happenings please visit http://www.pjmortononline.com
Also, read PJ Morton interview at http://consciousnessmagazine.com/PJMorton.html


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