The Conscious Column: By L. Barker

The Conscious Column: 
By L. Barker

How To Cope With Losing…..

…A job
    • The most important thing to keep in mind is to surround yourself with positive people and activities that release stress.  Working out, being with friends and family or setting short-term goals are great ideas.
    • Never view yourself as being a devalued individual with nothing to contribute to a future employer. Don’t daunt over the process, take it easy and speak kindly to yourself.

    • View the process of job hunting as a job within itself and dedicate yourself to finding employment. According to, you can volunteer, intern and freelance if you’d like to keep gaps of employment off your resume. Need more tips? Visit their website today and take charge of your future!

…A loved one
    • Grieve. Release your fears, disappointments, disbeliefs, shock and confusions. You may even have feelings of guilt, shame, humiliation, despair and bottomless emptiness. Please understand that it is not required that you comprehend all of these emotions, just feel them and let them run their course.
    • Surround yourself with people that understand your loss and never neglect your health during this time. If you don’t feel you have the support system to mourn, reach out to an online source for hotline information or articles, as there are many available. Visit for helpful tips and exercises.

    • The most important piece of advice I can give you is to be patient with yourself as you go through your mourning process. Be alone when you need to be, accepting that this is not just an emotional and mental tragedy, but also a physical discomfort.  If the physical pain is unbearable, it is strongly advised that you visit your physician to discuss the pain brought on by the stressful time. Your safety is always vital.

…Your identity
Identity theft affects more than just the victim’s finances, it is an emotional turmoil. It was reported by that about $112 billion has been stolen from U.S. consumers over the last six years.  Here are three very direct ways to report and protect your credit, courtesy of (FTC) The Federal Trade Commission. Please visit their site for in depth explanations for the following steps.
    • Step 1) Place an initial Fraud Alert on your credit report. Obtain a free credit report, report the dates you call, request that only the last 4 digits of your social be displayed and keep copies of everything you submit and receive.

    • Step 2) Call Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to update your contact information, to report you’re a victim, request the fraud alert on the file and confirm one bureau will contact the other two.

    • Step 3) Create an identity theft report by submitting a complaint to FTC at your local police station. File a report and they will inform you to get an affidavit to attach to it. Protect yourself, your property and your peace of mind. Visit the website above and get started claiming your credit back today!

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