Adina Porter Q&A

Adina Porter Q&A
By Consciousness Magazine
Photo Credit: Diana Ragland

Adina Porter, one of the hardest working female actresses in the film industry has proven to be a shining star in her own right. Adina has appeared in television series such as The 100, Underground, True Blood, and The Newsroom, just to name several.

Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to speak with this amazing actress about her exciting acting career and parenthood, along with her enjoyments in life. Here is what the talented actress had to share.

Adina, you play the role of Indra in season 2 and 3 of CW series The 100. What is it like playing this amazing character?
I have been lucky enough to play the role of Indra on The CW series The 100 for Seasons Two and Three. The show was recently renewed for a fourth season. I hope I'm fortunate enough to return. I think every female actor should have the opportunity to portray a strong warrior; it helps discover how powerful you can be. Performing stunts is a blast and incredibly empowering. One walks differently and unapologetically when wearing a sword and dagger. That confidence has bled into my personal life and I'm holding on to it. 

You were recently booked for the new ABC murder-trial pilot The Jury, would you like to tell us briefly about this new role?
I play a juror, Angela Clayton, a working mom. I auditioned for roles on two previous Carol Mendelsohn productions; I guess the third time was the charm. I'm absolutely ‘over the moon’ to be working on this project. There are 12 principal actors. It's a job in which listening on-camera is just as important as when your character speaks. I'm ecstatic to be a part of this talented ensemble. We are working on the pilot right now as we conduct this interview.

You also play Pearly Mae in the WGN new original series Underground. How has that experience been going for you?
We shot Underground in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in what were original slave quarters. Everyone -- actors, crew, and producers -- felt we were standing on hallowed ground. I remember thinking to myself, "If these walls could talk…" I don't follow reviews or ratings too closely because I think that can get in the way of the acting work, but have heard through the grapevine that Underground has been well received. I have no idea how being a part of Underground will affect my career. However, I do feel it was an honor to play Pearly Mae. I made lifelong friends on that project. 

Over the course of your career, you have landed some big roles. What has been the most exciting and interesting character you have recently played?
I truly have no “favorite” role. I usually find something exciting and interesting about each character I portray. I love working and collaborating with other creative people.

You remain relevant as an actress. If I may ask, what is your remedy to staying balanced, motivated and persistent when it comes to working on multiple television shows at a time?
I discovered I'm a competitive individual. I strive to do my personal best with each new role in which I am cast. I'm proud and always attempt to maintain or exceed the reputation I have established. If I weren’t an actor, I would have become a psychologist. I'm fascinated by why we humans make certain life choices. I’m also very interested in the various ways we overcome events that occur in our lives. Whatever a character's life issue happens to be, I can usually find an equivalent issue in my life to which I relate. In many cases, acting is like therapy for me. Even if I'm playing an awful mother, like Lettie Mae in True Blood, I learn what not to do to my children. 

You are also a mother. Is it challenging juggling family along with your acting career?
Being a working parent is beyond challenging. I pray that I’m being a good role model on how to live a fulfilled life. I'm also paying the bills which is just reality. And it's a cliché, but it’s true: parenting is the hardest job on earth. Working, doing what I love, keeps me sane.  

Outside of being a mother and an actress, what are some things that your fans may not know about you?
I love to travel. I'm a foodie. I choose to be rather conservative with money. I don't like to waste food. I’m conscious about our environment. I clean and reuse plastic baggies. I’m also careful not to waste water. This stems not only from the current drought situation in California, but also from the time I spent living in West Africa. There were periods when we had no water and I’d have to hike quite a distance to retrieve some. So these days I can be a bit of a freak about not wasting water. I even recycle my kids’ bathwater into the doggie run.

Do you have any words-of-encouragement or inspiring advice for those aspiring or up-and-coming actresses?
I guess my advice would be to ask yourself what are the reasons you want to be in this profession. I believe it's very important that you want to become an amazing storyteller and not just want to be famous. This business can be hard on the soul, so one needs a really healthy stimulus to keep on going. Then I’d say study with teachers who are still acting. Finally, you’ll need a healthy dose of tenacity; do not give up. 

Adina, would you like to add anything in closing before we close the interview.?
Thank you for your interest in my story. 

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