All-4-One Releases 20th Year Anniversary Album Twenty+

All-4-One Releases 20th Year Anniversary Album, Twenty+
Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge
With group members Jamie Jones and Delious Kennedy

For the last two decades Grammy Award Winning Group All-4-One has released a multitude of beautiful songs for their fans and listeners across the world. Chart topping the charts with timeless hit songs such as “I Swear”, “I Can Love You Like That”, “So Much In Love”, “ I Turn To You” and “These Arms”, just to name a few, it is evident why All-4-One has become one of the world’s most loved groups of all times. Selling over 20 million units worldwide, the R&B/Pop group has recently released their seventh album, Twenty+, which is their 20th year anniversary album.

I was granted the opportunity to interview Jamie Jones and Delious Kennedy of All-4-One, who are absolutely two very amazing gentlemen. Here is what they had to share regarding their new album Twenty+, and also an abundance of exciting and great information with the Consciousness Magazine readers.

Tocarra Eldridge: All-4-One’s new album Twenty+ was recently released on July 24th. This is your 20th year anniversary album. What can fans and listeners expect from this new album?
Delious Kennedy: A couple of things. This new album is basically a complete brand new album combined with a greatest hits album, with songs that we recorded in the past that have never been on one album together. We’re super excited! I think it shows a lot of new sides of All-4-One, not just the ballot love songs. We have some fun songs, some dance records, some feel good records, some heart jerking and tear jerking records. Just a lot of different sides that we’re looking forward to sharing with our fans.

Tocarra: You have now recorded 7 albums together. How has working on this album been different from any other albums or projects you have worked on?
Jamie Jones: Well, for sure this is one of the longest records that has taken us to do. We’ve been recording over a year. We’ve put a lot of thought into what it is we wanted to portray to our audience. The length of time gave us the opportunity to come up with some really good thoughts.

Tocarra: Are there any favorite songs on the album that you like more than others?
Delious Kennedy: It’s hard because you put so much love and effort into these songs, and then also a lot of the songs share different feeling. So depending on what mood you are in may determine which song you listen to the most. Like I said it’s a hard question to ask. We love them all.

Tocarra: You guys have been together for 20 years. Looking back over your career, did you ever foresee this much success or permanence in the music industry for two decades?
Jamie Jones: We were always hoping it would be that way. Even from the beginning we would always say that we wanted to be like the Four Tops or the Temptations if we’re still doing it [music] when we’re older. The fact that we are still together, we’re four guys and we’ve never broken up, and we still love each other.

Tocarra: As international artist, many groups have come and gone. What is the secret to the group’s longevity? Go ahead spill the beans.
Delious Kennedy: (laugh) Honestly, I don’t think the secret is that juicy of a statement. Honestly, the one thing that we realized from day one  is that we all had similar backgrounds. We all had the same set of values instilled into us from our parents. You know, starting with singing in church…learning to treat people the way you want people to treat you. We all grew up hearing a lot of the same things, so much that you would have thought we grew up in the same household. Outside of our love for music and performing, those were the other things that really helped us stay together. I think it’s easier to relate to people when you grow up in similar environments. I think those are the things that have really been the glue that has kept us together for this long.
Jamie Jones: After seeing other groups who didn’t make it for whatever reason, I think we actually just like each other. (laugh)
Delious Kennedy: Yes. We like hanging out together. If we’re on the road and we have a day off, we’re all chilling together. Everybody is not separately doing their own thing. It’s not a situation where you have four different dudes and you have to have four different dressing rooms. It’s not that at all.
Tocarra: “I Swear” is a timeless song that was released in 1994 and is recorded in the Guinness World Records as the biggest selling single of that year. How has that song made an impact on you guys’ life?
Delious Kennedy: First off, it’s just a blessing to have the type of song that has a timeless existence, where generations have shared it with each other. When we first started out, and you would come to all All-4-One show, you would literally see the little girls and boys in the back and in the very front you would see their parents. Somewhat behind them you’d see grandparents as well. When we first started we had a very wide fan base. I think even now till this day, with “I Swear” recently being featured in Despicable Me 2, it just keeps getting reintroduced to different generations. I think that’s the part that has been a huge blessing, as well as the fact that it’s one of those songs that mean so much to people. People have gotten married to it. People have gotten engaged to it. People have had children to it. It’s been one of those types of songs that I think every artist in their career craves to have at least one of those. For us to have a few of those has been amazing!
Tocarra: Would you like to add anything in closing before we close out the interview?
Jamie Jones: We just want to say thank you to you, of course, for your time and for doing this, and also to all of the fans who have supported us for so long and who have been so gracious to us. We’re so thankful!
Delious Kennedy: And also hit us up on social media. Our website is and the rest of our social media handles are there for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Go out and grab that new music. It will be something you love!

For more information about All-4-One visit their website and Social networks

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