MiMi Faust on Life Motherhood and Business

Reality Star MiMi Faust on Life, Motherhood and Business
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor

Reality television star MiMi Faust returns to an exciting new season of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." In this season 4, MiMi keeps the viewers drawn to her charm, confidence, wit and style as she balances motherhood and business ventures while eliminating herself from drama.

Consciousness Magazine had the opportunity to interview MiMi Faust from the VH1 hit show, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” that airs Monday's 9:00pm/8:00pm CT. Here is what the reality television star had to share with the readers regarding the reality show, life, motherhood and business.

Aaron Robinson: What can fans and viewers expect from the new season of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta?”
MiMi Faust: This season is full of surprises. There are a lot of new faces and of course a lot of new drama. I think people are going to be really interested to see what’s going on with my book, entertainment company and other projects I may be working on. 

Aaron: You have a beautiful young daughter. As a reality television star, how do you balance motherhood and your business endeavors?
MiMi: When I was pregnant with Eva, I was really worried about not being able to find a balance despite everyone telling me that it was going to work out. I’d be lying if I said it was always easy, but Eva is my motivation for everything that I do. For me it’s all about prioritizing. My schedule is very hectic, but nothing comes before my daughter. 

Aaron: What makes MiMi Faust so outgoing and very enthused about life?
MiMi: How can I not be? I’ve had quite a rocky road in my life, especially in my youth. Even though I’ve gone through hell and back in many of my relationships, I have an amazing life, a career and an amazing daughter. 

Aaron: What captured your interest into becoming an interior décor designer?
MiMi: I’ve always enjoyed decorating and home décor, I guess you can call it a hidden passion of mine. I actually prefer to go shopping for my house vs. shopping for myself. My dream is to have my own home goods line at some point. 

Aaron: Regarding your business endeavors and initiatives, in the near future, what are some exciting ventures that MiMi Faust would love to partake in?
MiMi: I have a full plate right now with the show, my book and two companies. The interior decorating is definitely my next big venture. 

Aaron: As a reality star, do you see yourself as a role model or that you uphold a certain responsibility for young women?
MiMi: I never thought of myself as a role model, nor did I set out to be one. I understand that being on TV comes with a certain responsibility, but my concern is being the best person that I can be for my child. 

Aaron: From your past relationships and experiences, do you have any advice or tips for young women when it comes to dating?
MiMi: Always go with your gut. When something is right, it feels right. It works both ways — nine times out of ten, when something feels wrong, it’s because it is wrong. Don't underestimate the power of women’s intuition. 

Aaron: Do you have any business tips for young entrepreneurs? 
MiMi: Learn everything you can about the business before you jump into it. Never be afraid to ask questions, you should never stop learning and always do good business. 

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