Syndrome Goin the Distance Review

Syndrome “Goin the Distance” Video/Single Review

Syndrome a.k.a. Devious Monk continues to keep the West-Coast G-Funk sound lively and energetic as he releases epic music and collaborates with West-Coast legends in Hip Hop. Some of the artist he has worked with include former Deathrow recording artist Daz Dillinger, Outlawz, RBX, King T, and CMG of Conscious Daughters, just to name several.

Recently, Syndrome released the 3D Animation cartoon “City Life” and “Summertime,” produced by Khavel-X, and the album Daz Dillinger Presents Syndrome (International Paperchaser). Now releasing the 4th new single and video “Goin the Distance” featuring Bossolo and Sabotawj who are definitely hip hop talented rhyme spitters, as well as two gifted producers, DJ Ron G and DJ Unik, fans and listeners can add another feel-good classic to their archive.

With this new song and video “Goin the Distance,” Syndrome continues to show love and connects with his West-Coast counterparts in his second home, California, connecting the London, UK world where he resides. The videographer does a excellent job capturing significant footage of both areas. “No more working at 3am with a mop and broom and a bucket of water/looking for a job with a better future for my wife and my two beautiful daughters,” cites Syndrome in two bars expressing overcoming struggles, trials and tribulations never going back to the past and living harsh reality again. This joint is definitely a soundtrack to life.

If once living life from a street perspective, “Goin the Distance” song is empowering and inspiring for those who have lived or experienced a tough life. It’s a feel-good and fun song that is filled with ambition and excitement artistically displaying that anyone can overcome challenges to live a better quality life and not giving up on their dreams and goals.

Feel free to listen to the song and view the video “Goin the Distance” at this YouTube link


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