MADD Music Tour 2016 - An interview with Ron Boyt

M.A.D.D. Music Tour 2016 - An interview with Ron Boyt
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson - Editor
Ronnell Boyt has always had a passion for the art of music, using music as a platform to reach out to performing artist. Over the years he has coordinated multiple talent shows and showcases, as well as coordinated career day activities into the community while working with the music industry.

Boyt is the Founder and CEO of Divine Entertainment, Inc. Today, he and his affiliates are planning a ten city major concert tour, "The M.A.D.D. Music Tour /Make a Difference Daily Music Tour." The tour would provide conferences and seminars addressing concerns such as Cyber Bullying, Human Trafficking, Poverty, Child Molestation, Drug Abuse and Borderline Personality Disorders, just to name several. The tour would also provide conferences and seminars regarding Entrepreneurship, Post Secondary Education and Spiritual Awareness. Some of the proceeds will go to programs such as To Save Our Youth, Stop the Violence, and Bullying programs.

An extension of the tour would also provide a speaker’s bureau which consists of professional speakers. They will visit high schools and colleges nationally to empower and bring awareness to the youth and young adults.

I had the opportunity to speak to the master-mind behind the M.A.D.D. Music Tour. Here is what he had to share with the Consciousness Magazine readers.

Aaron Robinson: You are a part of the M.A.D.D. Music Tour 2016, what is your role in this event?
Ron Boyt: I’m the CEO, Founder and President of Divine Entertainment, Inc. With the M.A.D.D. Music Tour, we want to bridge the gap to provide opportunity, not only for independent artist but to make a difference for the kids in the community. We named it M.A.D.D. mainly, which is an acronym for Make A Difference Daily for the kids and everyone else.

Aaron: What can the people expect from this worldwide tour?
Ron: They will get some good quality entertainment from artists that are up-and-coming and independent. The tour is giving back to the community and will help youth and families to rebuild and uplift the communities that the tour will be in. It’s not just about the music; it’s about helping the people that we are going to come in contact with. We will be bringing some great programs and connecting people with the things that they need so that they can have a better quality of life.

Aaron: This tour will also counteract violence for the youth and build economics for disadvantaged communities in the inner city. Would you like to elaborate on that?
Ron: We’re providing for a lot of the youth in the inner city. We’re giving them opportunities from our mentoring program. We’re setting up scholarship opportunities.  We have a few programs. One of the programs is called Give a Pet Bless a Child that’s proving a child with a pet that has no siblings, or has been in the foster care system, or for a child that has been neglected. We have a program called Double Up where we are partnering with professional athletics and celebrities. They are taking young kids and mentoring those young kids by taking them on different field trips and sporting events. The Save Our Youth Program, specifically, we’re taking young kids and sending them to trainer sites and safety programs, along with having professional contractors teach them agriculture skills and how to landscape. They (contractors) are redeveloping housing, and they are teaching them (the youth) a vocational trade as well.

Aaron: You are also involved with a couple of bicycle clubs in your community. Can you tell us a little about that?
Ron: For the Bicycle Club, they have a program called Stop the Youth Violence. We have the same program, so we decided to join together. We’re trying to touch basis from the situation with the violence that we have right now in the neighborhoods and we’re trying to make a difference in that perspective. The other bicycle clubs are called Double Deuce Social Club and OBSYV Motorcycle Club. We’re in partnership with these motor cycles clubs and we’re doing fundraising programs as well.

Aaron: Will this be from city to city or in isolated areas or within the area that you live in? How does this work?
Ron: We’re going to launch it in our area. We’re also going to pursue different areas as well. We’re going to reach specific needs where there is a lot of crime, and connect with some people who live in those areas, as far as agencies or organizations and partnership with them so we can help best as we can.

Aaron: You are a part of The Greater Cleveland Tutorial & Training Services with you mother Dr. Valarie Cooper. Would you like to tell us a little about her?
Ron: My mother Dr. Valarie Cooper has 6 honorary doctorates in summa kum laude. She has been in college for 21 years. She’s the chairman for Youngstown University Apostolic. She received a Congressional Medal of Honor from Washington DC along with a proclamation from President George Bush and a gold medal from President Ronald Reagan. Her medical lab is called The Greater Cleveland Tutorial & Training Services where she resides as the founder and president.

Aaron: You are also working with Jackie Sumell of The Wallace House. Would you like to tell us a little about this partnership?
Ron: Herman Wallace was a gentleman incarcerated in Louisiana who spent 40 years in solitary confinement. He founded Herman’s House, It’s actually a community center where the kids can go and come to where they can have resources and workshops. In the process of getting this going, Mr. Wallace passed away but his dream lives on because the young lady that partnered with him, her name is Jackie Sumell, she’s continuing on with the project, which is a foundation. We’re partnering with her to help bring awareness to the Herman Wallace project. Look him up at 

Aaron: Who are some of the other organizations and companies you are working with?
Ron: We’re also going to be doing some great things with Marco Williams aka DJ Ready R.E.D.D. of Grit-It Entertainment. We’re partnering with JahQueen; she is out of Denver, Colorado. She is doing a lot out of Colorado Springs and Denver; she has an entertainment company and she also has a non-profit called A+ where she does a lot of work with the kids and with the community to help feed the homeless. She’s also involved in a lot of activities in the local schools.  

I would also like to mention Estella Pyfrom, founder of Estella’s Brilliant Bus. We’re working with her for our community outreach as collaborative partners. She received a national award from CNN. She was just on the Oprah Winfrey show. She teaches kids technology, math and science on the tour bus that she turned into a computer lab. She works with underserved kids in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Aaron: What is your involvement with Green Street Music Group?
Ron: I have to mention Green Street Music Group; the guy’s name is Jovy Williams. He’s helping us put the tour together. They are doing so many great things to help make sure that this tour is developed properly. And he’s also designed the website. We’re going to be reaching out to Machine Gun Kelly, Young Gotti and Young Jeezy. We also have some great independent artist.

Aaron: Would you like to add anything in closing?
Ron: Regarding the tour, our team consists of Joshua Armah, Paula Wright, the attorney Dana Thomas, Nikki from the Flavor of Love Show, Lamont Wheat, Phillip Gober, Latoya Bisch, Darian Witherspoon, MeMe Liles, Maurice Pleasant, George Pinillo, Faces of Success Talk Radio and Consciousness Magazine. Ms. Cee Cee and Rowena McCormick-Robinson of Rich Girls Of Franklin Avenue Production Company, we all are working on a community project with Mrs. Estella Pyfrom together along with DJ Double O and Joshua Armah. Both women have partnered together to help brand the M.A.D.D. Music Tour and put concert venues together in West Palm Beach, Florida. They are also helping to promote the M.A.D.D. Music Tour. DJ Double O is the M.A.D.D. Music Tour official DJ. Kimo Kaulani, CEO & Founder of Audio Blue Print and KhePera Records is an American Producer, Songwriter and Singer who was nominated for three Grammys. He is our tour consultant.

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