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Consciousness Magazine is the creation of publisher Aaron Robinson. Based in Chicago with a growing readership nationwide, the magazine promotes health and wellness of the individual with the possibilities of overcoming one's challenges; messages that are certainly well received. Their most recent issue features legendary rap artist Heavy D (of Heavy D & the Boyz) on the cover pictured here. In the issue Heavy D explains how his Jamaican roots encouraged him to continue his musical career singing reggae.

This week we caught up with Aaron and asked him some questions about Consciousness:

So tell us, who was this magazine created for? Consciousness Magazine was created for every male and female who are interested in self growth, awareness, urban entertainment and informative information. In Consciousness Magazine, you will find that we profile interesting celebrities and social figures who are making a difference in society. We also, promote inspiration and place our interest on people, in hopes that we will continue to change lives and make a positive impact on the world.

What do you expect readers to take away from an issue of Consciousness? I expect readers to receive valuable information while reading an issue of Consciousness Magazine. The editorial content in each issue will challenge one’s views on life, which may enlighten the reader of things they may not have known before.

Can you share a preview on any new projects you are working on? I am writing an autobiography of my life. I design, and also am the art director for Allezom Magazine; a high fashion publication that comes out every two months. I am also a graphic designer and currently working on designing and developing promotional and marketing material for companies.


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