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Consciousness Magazine is a five year old periodical from Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 2005 by CEO Aaron Robinson and Vice President Mozella Sullivan, Consciousness seeks to expand your mind by what else, raising your consciousness Packed with educational features, news stories, useful historical information, self-help topics, contests and more inside to keep the reader’s interest.

The black and white pictorial format should not discourage the reader to the fact many of the articles are submissions by many talented people across the country. Readers will find an interesting tidbit by Dangerous Lee; a heartfelt poem by the poetess Mocha Sistah, there are interviews of up and coming artists in the literary and music worlds, and then there are uplifting pieces about individuals making a difference in the community.

In one issue, Ms. Oprah Winfrey makes an appearance to Hopkins Park, IL catering to a disadvantaged community.I strongly suggest you subscribe to Consciousness not for its grass roots appeal, but for the down to earth stories every human being in each walk of life can relate to. Although it doesn’t have the shine and gloss of its literary brethren such as (magazine), Consciousness stands out on its own as a must read for everyone in need of positive stories and messages rarely found in the media. http://www.northbaymediareview.blogspot.com/


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