Shamari DeVoe Discusses Television Music and Marriage

Shamari DeVoe Discusses Television, Music and Marriage

 Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor @iamcomprehend


Actress, pop and R&B artist, Shamari DeVoe, known from the female group, Blaque, recently returned to “BET Presents the Encore.” The show chronicles the ladies as they try to bond both creatively and personally while trying to complete performances and a body of work together.

Over the course of DeVoe’s career, she guest-starred in the movie “Honey” and was casted in “Bring It On”. She also appeared on Pamela Anderson’s show "VIP”, playing herself and appeared on season 11 of Bravo TV’s, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

Being the wife of Ronnie DeVoe, they both will soon release their book “Music Money and Marriage” discussing their personal stories and journey.

I had the opportunity to interview Shamari DeVoe. Here is what she has to share.

Aaron Robinson: Over the course of your career you have been an accomplished singer, actress, reality star, philanthropist and speaker. What kind of gratification has this been for you?

Shamari DeVoe: It feels great to be looked at as a person who is accomplished. My dream has always been to influence and inspire the masses and it is my goal to spread as much love and positivity around the world as possible. So in doing so, I am truly grateful for the love and respect I receive in return. 


Aaron: You recently returned to reality television, “BET Presents the Encore”. How has this experience been going for you?

Shamari: The fact that the storyline on Encore just so happens to be about my entire life as a professional singer is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than that! I also love the fact that people are starting to reconnect with me as a singer. I love that it’s given me a platform to share my gift and lead to more opportunities.  


Aaron: What inspired you to want to help married couples by helping them get professional coaching and counseling in hopes of strengthening their marriage? 

Shamari: My own marital challenges that I was able to overcome have inspired me to help other couples. I want other couples to know that you can go through anything and everything designed to tear your marriage apart, but that doesn’t mean that you have to divorce. You can win the faith fight, renew your love bond, and ultimately save your family; that’s very important because there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, that’s why it’s imperative to do what it takes to work out the kinks so that you can have a successful relationship. 


You and your husband, Ronnie DeVoe, will join the annual Married 4 Life Walk-a-thon. You both are also the Marriage Ambassadors for this wonderful organization. How did you become involved with the organization?

Shamari: My husband and I have been through a lot of challenges throughout the past 20 years we’ve been together. During our struggles, we found an amazing married couple team of counselors by the name of Martez and Woodrina Layton of Dream Builders Professional Coaching and Counseling who were able to help us to fight and stay committed to each other. Once we chose compassion and forgiveness over divorce we knew that it was our mission to help as many couples as we can to overcome there obstacles as well. Martez Layton is the visionary of the Married 4 Life Walk and my husband and I are the marriage ambassadors for the walk to encourage couples to “ Never Let Go Of the Hand You’re Holding.” We will be having our 5th annual Married 4 life Walk in Atlanta April 22-23, 2022. 


Aaron: With all of the exciting endeavors that you partake in including being a wife, a mother of twins and so forth. How do you stay balanced?

Shamari: I am a super woman but even a super woman needs help. I have a great support system, which consists of my husband, family and friends. I have a village that helps me and supports me so that I am able to have a career and practice self-care, which is also extremely important. 


You also are releasing a new book titled Music Money and Marriage, where you are discussing your personal stories and journey. This book sounds very exciting! How did this all transpire?

Shamari: The book will go in to detail of our marriage and how we were able to overcome some very difficult challenges. It will also touch on our music careers and experiences, as well as money, which is one of the main causes of divorce. 


Aaron: Can your fans anticipate on any new or upcoming music projects in the future?

Shamari: Yes, you will definitely be hearing music that will be released from “BluePrint” from the Encore as well as some touring. I will also be touring with my platinum selling group “Blaque” and working on a solo project as well. 


Aaron: With all of the success you have had in your career, what words of encouragement would you share with those women who feel as if they want to reach a certain plateau to be successful like yourself, however who may feel as if they want to give up due to challenging situations or life circumstances?

Shamari: Yes. I would tell them that you can go through so many trials, tribulations, and drama in life, but as long as you don’t give up and you are passionate and dedicated to your craft, you will succeed. Remember limited beliefs guarantee limited results. In order to believe that you will be successful you have to let go of the lies you tell yourself about yourself. So speak positive things the moment you start to think negative. Transform your thoughts and you will transform your life. Remember you’re a star, you just have to know that you are. 


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