Jazzy K (Q&A) with Consciousness Magazine


Jazzy K (Q&A) with Consciousness Magazine


Q: Tell us a little about the artist we know as Jazzy K?

A: Yes, well I am a new artist and I’m from Sydney Australia! I sing, write songs, and if you love rnb, pop or soul music then my music is for you! 


Q: You have a new song titled “Track House” produced by multi-Grammy winning Producer My guy. How did you both link up to work together on this amazing project?

A: I was in LA performing at a live music venue. It was just a small showcase but Mars was in the audience and when he saw me sing he approached me about working together. So, a few weeks later we went to his studio in LA, at the time I had already written “Trap House” so I showed it to him and he loved it. So he produced it for me! I am so grateful for him working with me, he is a legend! 


Q: You recorded the song at the legendary studio, Sound Factory, that’s located in Los Angeles. Being from Australia, how was that experience for you?

A: Sound factory is like my second home whenever I’m in LA! I’m in love with that studio and am so grateful to be able to record there. It’s always such an amazing experience being there. You also never know who you’re going to bump into! 


Q: Can your fans and listeners expect more projects from you in the future?

A: Yes! I have so much music coming up. I can’t wait for everyone to finally hear it.


Q: How may your fans and listeners find your music and also keep up with your latest happenings?

A: My music is on all streaming platforms and I’m on Instagram and TikTok mostly. 


Q: What are some of the things that Jazzy K likes to do or partake in outside of music?

A: I’m very close with my family, so when I’m not making music I’m usually hanging out with my sisters, brother, mom and dad! They’re my best friends. We just love going to dinner, watching a movie or just hanging out! 


Q: Would you like to share any inspiration or give encouragement to upcoming artist?

A: The music industry is so tricky so the best advice I can give is to stay close to your family or friends that you really trust. And to always follow your gut instincts, no matter how good something may seem! If your heart is telling you no, there’s a reason! 


Q: Jazzy K, before we conclude the interview would you like to add anything in closing?

A: Just a huge thank you to you for this great interview and for all of your support!! And thank you to everyone who has been streaming/watching my new music video! As a new artist every single bit of support counts and I am super grateful! 



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