Turnt T Q&A with Consciousness Magazine

 Turnt T Q&A with Consciousness Magazine


Q: For those who don't know Turnt T, please tell them a little about yourself?

A: Turnt T is a strong woman in rap. She is the queen who reigns over all artists, encouraging each listener to stay true to themselves, but allowing their light to shine in the darkness. Turnt T has a way of changing the mood in the room. Her presence is contagious and a little overwhelming for some, but her pure heart shines through every single time. Turnt T is the voice for all the little black girls who never fit into the “girly” role. She is a true tomboy looking to lead her generation into a new way of living - living for love, life, and spirit.


Q: What inspired you to want to be an artist?

A: What inspired me to be an artist is literally drowning myself into music. I have been an avid songwriter and listener since I was a little girl. The first song I ever wrote was called, “It’s Not Hot.” I still remember all the lyrics ‘til this day. This was my way of transcending into another dimension, writing and listening to music. I love the different types of sounds and word patterns of rap. I am a real student of the game. When Lil Wayne was on his run and dropping a new mixtape every month, I would memorize his flows and replicate it in my own way. My Dad raps and my Mom sings, so it’s imprinted in my DNA to be an artist.


Q: You have released a new EP titled “T”. Can you briefly tell us about it?

A: My new EP titled “T” is my introduction to my artistry. I wanted to give a different side of myself in each song. The focus of the EP was to showcase my rap skills but act as a therapy season for my mind to keep reminding myself of how to push through my struggles and stay true to myself, T. It took me a year to put it all together and I was happy with how everything turned out. It was perfect timing and a good start to the new 2021 year!


Q: I heard the project. It’s hot! Who are some of the producers and people who worked alongside of you to make this come to reality?

A: Thank you for listening! I want to acknowledge my brother, 777LUUP for producing “Repeat”! My brother has been making beats for a few years now and keeps getting better and better. My first song ever released was a beat from his collection. I am in love with his sound! It is so different from everyone else, very original. Right when I heard the “Repeat” beat, I knew I had to write to it. I am so proud of us as a family and we have gotten closer because of the music. Thanks bro! “Floating” was produced by D’Motta Beats. We linked up through twitter and I heard some of his material, this beat stuck out to me the most. When I hear a beat, I know it’s good for me the first time I hear it. It is like my body and mind goes into hyper focus and I am ready. I want to give a shoutout to DJ Strong for engineering this track. He brought it to a whole different level! I want to also acknowledge my engineer Xela (SuperSonics)! She brought the song “Circuit” to life! She also engineered “Repeat” which gave the song way more depth and sent the listener on a journey. Her vision for my music is so parallel to mine, we just clicked. “Waiting” was engineered by Al at the VibeLabDallas! I recorded that song a year ago and kept it in the tuck until it was time to release the EP. All my close friends were there and knew this was the one! I am so happy how all the songs turned out and looking forward to working with all these individuals again!


Q: Regarding the project, do you have a favorite record on it or a record that amazed you when you heard it after you laid your lyrics? If so, can you tell us why?

A: My favorite record on the EP would have to be “Floating”. Wow, when I was in the studio recording this song, it felt like a movie. It was a out of body experience! I wrote the song in two days and laid it down but had no idea how amazing it would turn out. “Floating” is my most played song! I am so happy people felt me through the music.


Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

A: My musical influences include, Wayne, Drake, Migos, Ab-Soul, Kendrick, and J Cole. All the greats are my teachers. I just studied and listened to how they came up and I admired their ability to see life from a birds-eye view. Hip Hop is forever and I will help it live on through my music.


Q: There are many artists wanting to be heard while striving to the top. Do you have any words of encouragement that you would like to share with those upcoming artists?

A: Words of encouragement I would like to share for upcoming artist will be to be YOU. Do not try to be someone else because that is fly by night and will not fulfill your soul. Be the best you, you can be. There is no one else like you, so tap into that energy and go full throttle.


Q: Where can your fans and listeners hear your music?

A: You can hear my music on all streaming platforms. Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, AudioMack, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. I have my music everywhere! I hope you guys love the EP as much as I do! Turnt T, out! It’s lit!



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