Award-winning singer JES discuss Music Career and Giving Back to the Community

Award-winning singer JES discuss Music Career and Giving Back to the Community
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson-Editor

When I first heard the soulful voice and exceptional songwriting of astonishing singer JES, I was immensely amazed. Not only did her voice speak to me, however, more so her creativity and style as an artist. Over the course of JES’ career, she has worked with some of the top leading DJ’s and producers. The award-winning singer has topped billboard charts and continues to build an international fanbase.

I had the privilege to interview the amazing songwriter, singer, producer and DJ, that we all know as JES, regarding her latest happenings and much more. Here is what she has to share with the readers.
Aaron: What are some of your latest projects you are working on or that you have recently released?
JES: I just released a new track with Cosmic Gate called “If Not Now”. I’ve done four or five singles with them. It’s really another beautiful song. We always tend to really hook on to those emotional melodies and lyrics together. That one is out now. I just released another song which is very different called “The One” with Joonas Hahmo and JS16. They’re from Finland and are very talented. They are just great producers. This one is very pop. It has a little bit of a different thing. I was excited because we played around with my vocals and made it a little high pitched, like a chipmunk. (Laugh) Some people are like ‘do you know that your vocals are so high?’ I’m like, ‘yes’ I did that on purpose. (laugh) I get bored listening to myself sometimes, so I like to play with my vocals. I love that song. There’s a lyric video out to it. I also have another song titled “Get Me Through The Night” that came out. I’m releasing an acoustic version, a piano version, because I play piano. It’s not out yet, but it’s coming out soon. I’m actually going to be giving it away free.
Aaron: Going back to the song with Cosmic Gate “If Not Now,” what was the inspiration behind that song?
JES: Well, time goes so fast in our lives. Sometimes we get so caught up in everything you’re doing. The littlest things can seem so big. You kind of don’t even look around and see all the chances you get and all the things in front of you. I think the song is about not passing that by. If we don’t grab on it, it’s going to leave us. It’s really a very beautiful song. I’ve been holding on to that sentiment for a while.  When I heard this particular melody, it just went so well. The original song is actually not a dance song; it’s sort of more of a Downtempo song. There are two versions, the Downtempo and the dance version.
Aaron: You are still “The Queen of Rocktronica,” how has EDM evolved since you have been a part of this worldwide genre?
JES: I think evolve is the perfect word that you used there, because the music business changes, styles change, sounds change. It’s so important to sort of change with it. I think it is – at least for me it is. I think evolve is right on point, because I’m definitely evolving.  I’m always trying to evolve. I’m trying to get better. I think I naturally come from a more pop world in my songwriting because I came from a more pop world and went into dance by accident. Definitely, the last year or two, I’ve been really trying to work more on where I originally started in my songwriting. I don’t think I can take that out of me. I’ve definitely been watching and listening to a lot of music, because I have Unleash The Beat, my radio show, and because I’m constantly looking for inspiration. Yes, I definitely think I’ve evolved a lot. I’m excited about some of the new stuff that I have coming.
Aaron: In a generation where we have internet and unlimited online resources, what has your experience been like for you to release a record or video on a digital platform?
JES: Well, it’s a big change. It’s a learning experience. It’s funny! (laugh) The only thing I listen to really is Spotify (laugh). I Shazam things and I buy things off of iTunes, but Spotify and streaming is generally how we listen to music. I think the way that you market something and the kind of promotion that you put behind it is definitely different than the way you are use to, but it comes down to the fans and trying to reach the fans because they’re the ones that are streaming and possibly buying. It still comes down to your relationship with your audience and your fans, ultimately. The extra help you get, the PR, the promotion, is just trying to reach them so that they hear your music. It can be tricky because the internet is such a huge place. It’s a big world, so you need to get to everybody. It can be challenging, but I ultimately think if you can get to your fans and the people that are listening to you and love you, that you can have success with your releases.
Aaron: For those aspiring artist who are looking to be successful such as yourself in the music business, do you have any words-of-advice or words-of-encouragement that you would like to share with them?

JES: The most important thing is to have an idea of what your product is, where you’re going with it, and what your audience is. It’s not for everyone. It’s not easy. I always say that when I started out I was kind of a little naïve. I didn’t really think about what kind of life I might have (laugh) or how hard it might be. I think you kind of have to approach it with that. You have to have a plan, and you have to really go out there and try and get it. You have to work on being as good as you can be and connecting and building a team of people around you that can push you.

You have to listen to yourself; listen to your heart, and ultimately, wake up every day with a plan and a way of how to get your music out there. You have to be very strong; you have to get some thick skin. You can’t be defeated or discouraged. You have to be committed to yourself and what your dream is. It’s definitely not an overnight thing! (laugh)
Aaron: Regarding community efforts, the last time we spoke you were pursuing your initiative “The Awakened Campaign”. How has this amazing venture been working out for you?
JES: You know, I so believe in that. There have been a couple of other charities and initiatives that I’ve worked with. I was working with a charity in San Diego helping children. It means a lot to me. I have not been as actively pursuing The Awakened Campaign. I have been approached by a couple charities to do things, like animals. I’ve done a couple of shows to raise money. The Awakened Campaign, once I have enough in back of me, I’m going to push it more. I think it’s about helping many charities. It’s the things that we believe in, so thank you for asking me. I have not put it away. I’ve been involved with Wounded Warriors, teens, aids and keeping children off the streets, and my biggest one now is with animals, because I’m a huge animal lover. I ended up fostering three dogs, so now I have three dogs (laugh). I couldn’t give them back. I love talking with the fans and love to be encouraging!
Aaron: Before we end the interview, would you like to add anything in closing?
JES: Yes. I think things are changing and turning around a little bit for women in the DJ world and in the dance world. It’s been an interesting couple of years, always trying to prove yourself to be as good as the men (laugh). It’s interesting because I’m starting to see a shift. So, that’s making me happy. (laugh)
Aaron: That’s great! The last time we spoke I think that was one of our questions regarding the challenges that women go through in the music business. You touched upon that saying you have to just keep moving, have strong skin and so forth. Have you overcome any more situations being a woman in the music industry or has the doors just really been opening up for you?
JES: No, I think you just have to keep working. It’s interesting with all the movements that are coming out now and all the stuff that’s going on in the world. It kind of opened up some things for me because I just kind of keep going. However, there are a lot of things you have to deal with as a woman. (laugh) No matter what, there’s going to be something. It’s never just going to be simple. That goes for the entertainment business in general, but I’m glad that some of it is coming to the forefront, because there is certain levels of respect that I feel should be there. I think people are being a little bit awakened to it. So I’m happy about that. No, no step of the way has been just a door opener. I’ve had to work very hard, and I think most people have to. There are those instances of luck. I think in general you have to be strong and respect yourself and be able to hold your own.
Aaron: I love what you’re doing! It’s always great speaking with you JES. Thanks again for taking the time.
JES: Awwwww! Thank you so much Aaron! You have a beautiful night!
Aaron: Thanks JES. You have a beautiful night also.

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