Tyson Beckford Hosts Chippendales Las Vegas

Tyson Beckford Hosts Chippendales Las Vegas
Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge

Photo Denise Truscello
Chippendales returns to Las Vegas with international super model, fashion icon and actor Tyson Beckford, as guest host. Known for being one of the sexiest men on earth, Tyson is sure to bring more excitement, action, energy and sexiness to the show.

Chippendales celebrated its 35th anniversary as a brand, known as the American Pop Culture icon, and has also been featured on numerous national television shows.

As a young adult, I took notice of the super model Tyson Beckford, witnessing his uprising in the entertainment business to becoming one of the biggest fashion icons in the industry. Recently, I was granted the opportunity to interview every woman’s fantasy and dream guy. Here is what he had to share regarding hosting Chippendales, his regimen for remaining in tip top shape, latest happenings and so much more.

Tocarra Eldridge: Hey Tyson! How are you?
Tyson Beckford: I’m good and you?

Tocarra: All is well Tyson. I want to thank you so much for taking time to pursue this interview with Consciousness Magazine.
Tyson: No problem.

Tocarra: What does Consciousness mean to you?
Tyson: Consciousness to me means setting an example, being successful at it, being driven, and still being able to be accomplished, even with what’s going on in the world. [It also means] Civil Rights for all and being a voice, where a voice is needed.

Tocarra: How does it feel to be back again to host another season of Chippendales?
Tyson: It feels really good! It feels like I haven’t left. I got the same room; I got the same locker; I got the same group. It was kinda destined, so it feels good. It’s like a brotherhood; you can’t separate the guys.

Tocarra: Tyson, tell us a little about how you decided to get involved in Chippendales.
Tyson: Actually, they reached out to us. In response, we had the director make a phone call to Chocolate City, so that was what brought us in. They’re getting ready to do a Chocolate City 2, which I’m not a part of; but, I had so much fun. We sold out the first set [of Chippendales]. What better way to close the summer out!

Tocarra: You are definitely fit for this show. Many models and actors weights fluctuate, but you always seem to keep it together. Do you mind sharing your regimen and how you stay healthy and in good shape for your career?
Tyson: (Laugh) Yeah, I don’t know how, I got back to the activities that I do, so it just works for me. With the time zone being different for me, I would normally work out this time on Eastern Time, so for me it’s almost like I get up between 11:00 and 12:00 and I go work out. Then I just go from there.

Tyson and Sheryl Underwood - Photo Denise Truscello
Tocarra: If anybody is a perfect fit to be a part of Chippendales, it's definitely you! You have so much to offer the show.
Tyson: Thanks Tocarra!

Tocarra: What is the difference in playing a movie role as a stripper versus actually being involved in Chippendales?
Tyson: It’s a big difference, because when you are on set there are cuts and action, and then you wait like another half hour, hour, or 3 hours before you shoot the next scene. Here, it’s like its 70 minutes; you’re running around back stage; you’re laughing with the guys. It’s almost like a pro football game when you’re in the locker room and you’re talking to the boys about life, what happened at the party and what they went thru that night. So, it’s like a whole party going on backstage.

Tocarra: As we all can agree upon, you are considered one of the sexiest men alive! How does it feel to be one of the most desirable men in the world?
Tyson: Yeah, that’s what they tell me. (Laugh) I don’t look at myself like that. If somebody says it then I accept it, but my thing is…I’m just going on with life.

Tocarra: I'm sure everyone would like to know... what's a typical day in the busy life of Tyson Beckford?
Tyson: First thing is breakfast, and then I check with my social media to find out what’s going on. Then, I probably hit the gym. I spend mostly 2 hours in there. From there, I go hang out by the pool and spend time or whatever it is that we are doing that day. It varies; it really varies.

Tocarra: So, what's next for Tyson? What can fans be excited about and expect in the near future?
Tyson: Right now, I’m excited to host Chippendales. I’m also excited to do more features… TV shows, movies; I’m really looking forward to that. You know…a lot of more acting.

Tocarra: Before we conclude the interview would you like to add anything else?
Tyson: Just that all the women and fans can come out and support Chippendales and have great time. You will enjoy it, its lots of fun!

For more information about Chippendales visit www.Chippendales.com and www.twitter.com/Chippendales


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