The Rhythm and the Blues

The Rhythm and the Blues

Call it an eventful evening at the downtown Chicago’s Exact Publicity Headquarters consisting of much class and sophistication. The food provided by the luscious Edible Bliss Catering produced savory taste buds. Not to mention, the sweet musical selections provided by Jerry-O and an artistic band of musicians with Larry Taylor as lead singer. The red carpet featured Chicago hip-hop artist GLC, comedian George Willborn, to the legendary music revolutionist George Daniels. However, it is the presence of Director/Producer Darryl Pitts and actor Leon that made the event an impactful success- the principle reason in bringing awareness to their upcoming biopic-in-the-making of the founding father of Chicago blues Eddie Taylor entitled The Rhythm and the Blues.

“The blues is not just a form of music but of expression for African Americans,” mentions actor Leon. “It serves for musicians as a way out of poverty by pouring their entire existence unto songs detailing the overall struggles in life whether it is about love, heartbreak, or being in debt.” Leon asserts the genre to “shed truth! If one wants to hear the blues then that person will come to Chicago.” Leon is a major supporter of this musical movement. “When I hear a film on blues based in the city of Chicago I cannot help but to support. I am all about cities in America that tell a unique story.”

Leon shifts his focus on his role in this upcoming biopic adding, “I was honored yet lucky to play the role of David Ruffin and Jackie Wilson. One of the things that I do with those roles is try to make them as real and as closely to the person I am portraying as possible.” Leon feels he has a responsibility “to people who knew the greats like Ruffin and Wilson and to the public who are viewing their biopics.” Leon wants to give the public the feeling of “leaving the theatre or television sets believing they know the character in real life.” The actor laughs and makes it clear to many at the event that he is not referred to as Leon. The public refers to him as the roles he plays on films. “It is a good thing because I do not want to be recognized as just Leon. I want to be known for my roles.” Director Darryl Pits affirms, “I had to reach out to Leon for bringing potent acting skills with such depth and versatility in the roles he played especially the mind blowing performance he put on as David Ruffin. I sought no other actor than Leon to portray the role of Chicago guitarist Eddie Taylor for this biopic.” Leon avows, “I just want to breathe life into the role of Taylor and bring out the best performance and scenes for The Rhythm and the Blues like I did with Ruffin in The Temptations.”

Indeed, the public will anticipate on the delivery of such creative endeavor.

Hector De La Rosa


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