Blush Interview

Blush: Girl Band Takeover
Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson- Editor

Leading international pop sensation girl band, Blush, climbed to the top of the U.S. Billboard Charts with their hit singles “Undivided” featuring Snoop Dogg and “Dance On.” They would eventually make their debut on "The Arsenio Hall Show" with their new hit single, "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That.” The group is comprised of four beautiful Asian girls, Alisha Budhrani (India), Angeli Flores (The Philippines), Natsuko “Nacho” Danjo (Japan), and Victoria Chan (China), who are from four different countries.
The talented girl band is executively produced by Quincy Jones who has worked with countless artists in the industry. Blush is currently working on their upcoming album with Capitol Records and Damion Elliot, who is a Grammy Award-winning producer, along with many other countless brilliant producers.
I was able to catch the girl band performing at the Northalsted Market Days when they visited Chicago. When their amazing performance concluded, I would later meet the group and receive a heart-felt and unforgettable greeting that I will remember for the rest of my life. Kind, charming and humble are only a few words that could describe a portion of these girls’ characters.
Here is what Blush had to share with the Consciousness Magazine readers:
Aaron Robinson: You all are produced by the legendary composer and producer Quincy Jones, what is it like working with him?
Alicia: Quincy Jones is amazing! The first time we met him we went to his house. It was kind of like a courtesy meeting. We thought it would be 15 minutes, but he was like ‘I want you girls to sing me something’. We were like oh gosh, we’re singing for Quincy Jones, the legendary, Michael Jackson’s mentor! So we sang a couple songs for him. We were like his personal juke box that day. It felt good because he wanted to hear more. He loved our harmony and sound. I think that sparked the connection with him. We went on his 80th birthday tour. We performed in Vegas with Jordan Sparks and all of these amazing people on stage singing 'We Are the World.' It was very emotional and touching to all of us, because Michael Jackson was one the people he mentored. MJ made it big all over the world and touched everyone’s hearts, so for him [Quincy Jones] to see something in us - it just really touched our hearts.
Aaron: Who are some of the artist that you all really enjoyed working with?
Victoria: We really enjoyed being on tour with Jessie J from the UK. We toured with her in Asia a few years ago. She is an amazing vocalist. She can sing anything. Watching her perform was really inspiring. We’d love to work with people like Pink and even maybe Bruno Mars.
Angeli:  We just did a record with Jay Sean. It’s a record that I’m excited about. He is down to earth. It was a great experience. We learned so much from him. And he’s super hot! (laugh)

Aaron: You all are like sisters. Being from different countries in Asia, what was it like getting to know each member of the band?
Victoria: I think we were very lucky in some ways, in regards to how our project promoter put us together.  It was really helpful to have that as an experience for us to grow together. It was almost like summer camp where we lived together and worked together for a good few weeks. So, we got to know each other through food, our meals, and such. It’s nice to have that journey together where you’re with each other a lot and you learn a lot from each other. It’s been good. We’ve had a lot of different experiences. We’re like family. We work with each other; we depend on each other. It’s a lot of fun.

Aaron: Do you have any advice for aspiring and up-and-coming artist who are trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry?
Alicia: Since the very start of Blush, the one thing that we’ve always said to each other that is very important is be true to yourself. Whether you are trying to start a group or be solo, you should always be true to yourself. Even if you’re not in the music industry, if you’re doing fashion or anything else, there are so many people that will have opinions, whether good or bad. We cannot let those opinions change who we are. However, we can make ourselves better. We should only aim to become a person that will grow and develop from these opinions and suggestions.  Never let the public eye choose who you are. You have to mold and shape who you want to be and what you want to represent.
Victoria: Get a YouTube page and be all over social media. Everyone is all about iPhones and internet right now. Everyone is all about technology. You also have to keep up with the times. Get yourself an Instagram and Twitter, just like we do. Go out there and do your thing and make sure you share it so people can visit your websites.

Aaron: When it comes to the community, what are some things that you’ve done?
Alicia: We take part in many charitable events. It’s not always about writing a check, it’s about doing action. I think actions speak way way bigger than just a couple of numbers on a check. We’ve done a lot of events where we could help kids. We’ve done Safety Harber Kids in Malibu. We’ve done a lot of events supporting animals, dogs and cats. Some of us love to help children; some of us love to help animals. We know that God has given us this gift of music and being together as a group and sharing it. We are hoping one day we’re big enough so that we can do a lot of charitable things for the world and other amazing things to help.

Aaron: You mentioned God. Are you all spiritual in some form of way when it comes to using your endeavors to give back?
Angeli: Yes. We all have our own ways, own religions and own spiritual followings. But the amazing thing is we always pray before we perform. At dinner we pray before we eat.

Aaron: What can your fans and music listeners expect from Blush in the future?
Natsuko: We’re about to release our new album very soon. We are very excited about it. We have a lot of songs, new music, new sounds and new looks – everything new. You’re all going to love it! We love it!

Aaron: Would you like to add anything in closing before we end the interview?
Angeli: People can find us through social media. Our website is  We’re on Twitter @BlushGroup, Facebook (Blushgroup), Instagram (Blushgroup) and on YouTube (Blushvideo).  People can go on our website and find out when and where we will perform.

Aaron: Great! I congratulate you all. You all are some very beautiful people to speak with. I’m honored. This has been a fun interview. Alisha, Angeli, Nacho and Victoria, I thank you all.
Blush: We thank you too!


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